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Worm Drive Gearbox


Worm Drive Gearbox

This year First has allowed a number of different "new" parts. I've been slowly working on designing some of them for our schools 6 teams to work with, but the corkscrew inside the WormDriveGearbox is baffleing me.

Has anyone designed this yet? Are there any tutorials on this? Any recommendations?

Thanks for your help.

IMG_1115.JPGThis worm wheel should be pretty simple to make by creating the teeth and patterning them around a cylindar .

IMG_1116.JPGThe worm gear (corkscrew) is what I'm unsure of. It has two spiraling sets that run parallel to each other. If anyone has the time and wants to do a screenshare with me, I'd appreciate your time.



Accepted Solutions

You will love this site:

They allow you to download native Pro|E files in several full versions.

If nothing else, download the STEP files and study them.

This is a great resource. Thanks for sharing. I just need a quick tutorial on how to create a Helical sweep.

Antonius, That link, and the video were a great help. I also found this video which was perfect:

Here is what I designed:


It was quite the learning experience, But that's what this whole journey is all about.

I'll post the remainder of the project when done.


I have a feeling I may forget the exact steps I took to create this part, so I made a youtube video of myself creating the sweep. If you're curious, check it out. If you have any tips for me, I'm open to constructive critisism. Thanks