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Wow! Creo 1 documentation is great!


Wow! Creo 1 documentation is great!

Kudos to the PTC Education team for launching some fantastic documentation!

I just saw Mark Fischer's announcement on the FIRST Community page about Creo 1 and the new documents (copied below).

I have to say that is some of the best documentation I've seen for PTC products to date!

Thanks guys!

Josh Houser (FRC Mentor/Schneider Electric Employee)

PTC is excited to announce the availability of Creo 1.0 Educational Edition

FIRST teams interested in utilizing Creo 1.0 can register and download it today from Register for Creo 1.0 Educational Edition
A new set of Getting Started Primers have been created for Creo 1.0 and can be accessed from the links below:

This new release showcases key enhancements to parametric modeling functionality enabling users to access the true power of the Creo 1.0 offering easily. In addition, this new release will introduce new applications for simulation and direct modeling.


PTC Academic Program

24-Ruby II

Thank you for this ANNOUNCEMENT!

Three failed attempts to download code .zip file. Corporate network; Save to Local drive; IE8.

What you mean?

Registered to get Crei 1.0 Edu Edition. Got email with link to download the application ( - a 4.06 GB file. Fails to complete -- about 2.5 GB makes it down.

That's unfortunate (trying to be politically correct)

I used the same link to do the download, although I don't recall whether I was on my corporate LAN or home cable modem. Even after getting the file, it's a bear to get it distributed to teams.

This file is very large (4.06 Gb), so use a program "Free Download Manager" to download this ".zip" archive (it will pause and resume the download without data loss).

No good on corporate infrastructure. Cannot load.

Ask your IT administrator to help you download and install this program. You can also try to download the file from your home computer and then burn it to disk/flash/HDD.

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