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how to fix 'Fatal Error Encountered. A traceback has been written' while saving part file as U3D .


how to fix 'Fatal Error Encountered. A traceback has been written' while saving part file as U3D .


I am facing a problem while saving my creo model file as a PDF U3D file. image of the error message is as below. I tried changing the values of some options in the configuration file but it didn't helped.

can anyone please help me to figure this out?


traceback file is as follows.


Exception EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION has occurred in the thread 5932.

Main Thread 5932
0x00007FFBF520075A NULL (NULL:0) (coretools_sh:0x00007FFBF5180000) ( 0x3ed, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 )
0x00007FF69544B0AD NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x2000, 0x87823d00, 0x2000, 0xf9ddacd8 )
0x00007FF69420E02B NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x4df64138, 0x2000, 0x7b9a85a0, 0x87823d00 )
0x00007FF69420D7F1 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x7b9a9570, 0x7b9a9570, 0x7, 0x7b9ad430 )
0x00007FF69420E97B NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x7b9ac090, 0x87823d00, 0x7b9a9730 )
0x00007FF69420E55F NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x7b9a9e60, 0x87823d00, 0x0 )
0x00007FF6940EFD09 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x87823d00, 0x0, 0x0, 0x39b )
0x00007FF6940F75B4 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x87823d00, 0x0, 0x7b9ad430, 0x40800042 )
0x00007FF6903ACD59 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x2, 0x40800042, 0x39b, 0x2 )
0x00007FF6903AC8CC NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x0, 0x1, 0x2 )
0x00007FF69238404C NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0xfcd09a40, 0x7b9adbb0, 0xfcb1f110 )
0x00007FFBF1CEE66E NULL (NULL:0) (libui_sh:0x00007FFBF1A70000) ( 0x1, 0xfcd09a40, 0x7b9adc80, 0x302cbe )
0x00007FFBF1C2CA38 NULL (NULL:0) (libui_sh:0x00007FFBF1A70000) ( 0xfcd09a40, 0x800008, 0xfc7b8e30, 0xfc7b8e30 )
0x00007FF694C9D259 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x7b9addf0, 0x0, 0x7b9adf90, 0x0 )
0x00007FF694C97A59 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x7b9ae1b0, 0xf9e18c48, 0xffffffff )
0x00007FF6953E4B52 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x2f )
0x00007FF6953E8154 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x17, 0x7b9ae1b0, 0x7b9ae100, 0xffffffff )
0x00007FF6953E51F6 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x0, 0x17, 0x2f )
0x00007FF6953F01A7 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x1, 0xffffffff, 0x7b9ae450, 0x99d3a510 )
0x00007FF6953E9E54 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 )
0x00007FFBF51BE62B NULL (NULL:0) (coretools_sh:0x00007FFBF5180000) ( 0x0, 0x800008, 0x800008, 0x0 )
0x00007FF6953EFF58 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x0, 0x800008, 0x800008 )
0x00007FF692B600CF NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x800008, 0x0, 0x87823d00, 0x20 )
0x00007FF6924ABEE2 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x7b9ae5e0, 0xffffffff, 0x80890b20 )
0x00007FF692374A0D NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x118, 0x2, 0x118, 0x0 )
0x00007FF692393AFB NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x7b9aeaf0, 0x0, 0xfffffffe, 0x8112ae90 )
0x00007FF6923B0E46 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x91647bc0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x2 )
0x00007FF6923B1757 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x7b9aecf0, 0x800001, 0xc, 0x80890b20 )
0x00007FF691647ADD NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0xffffffff, 0x0, 0x2, 0xffffffff )
0x00007FF691647049 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x80890b20, 0x9d260890, 0x7b9af050, 0x800001 )
0x00007FF69238363D NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x7b9af050, 0xf1d61940, 0xf1d61818, 0xfcb1efb0 )
0x00007FFBF1CEE66E NULL (NULL:0) (libui_sh:0x00007FFBF1A70000) ( 0x1, 0xfcd094a0, 0x7b9af120, 0x302cbe )
0x00007FFBF1C2CA38 NULL (NULL:0) (libui_sh:0x00007FFBF1A70000) ( 0xfcd094a0, 0x800001, 0xfc7b8e30, 0xfc7b8e30 )
0x00007FF694C9D259 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x7b9af290, 0x0, 0x7b9af550, 0x0 )
0x00007FF694C97A59 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x7b9af5a0, 0xf9e18c48, 0xffffffff )
0x00007FF6953E4B52 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0xfca845b0, 0xfca845f8, 0x0 )
0x00007FF6953E52A0 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x0, 0x24, 0x0 )
0x00007FF6953F01A7 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x1, 0xffffffff, 0x7b9af840, 0x99d3a510 )
0x00007FF6953E9E54 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x7, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 )
0x00007FFBF51BE62B NULL (NULL:0) (coretools_sh:0x00007FFBF5180000) ( 0x99698210, 0x0, 0x3, 0x9241ecca )
0x00007FF6953EFF58 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x0, 0x0, 0x9db5fd70, 0x9a165638 )
0x00007FF6923B1329 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x9db5fd70, 0xf66d2160, 0x0, 0x0 )
0x00007FF6906E199A NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x9db5fd70, 0x2, 0x3, 0x3 )
0x00007FF69685838F NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x1, 0x7b9af950, 0x3, 0x1 )
0x00007FF6968582D8 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0xf66a430b, 0xa, 0xa, 0x0 )
0x00007FF69032CF80 NULL (NULL:0) (xtop:0x00007FF68F370000) ( 0x9032ce28, 0x7b06c000, 0x0, 0x0 )
0x00007FFC16048102 NULL (NULL:0) (KERNEL32:0x00007FFC16030000) ( 0x160480e0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x0 )