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lost WF4 install, WF5 not installing


lost WF4 install, WF5 not installing

I had WF4.0 installed on my vista laptop and vista desktop, ordered on May 6 2009.

I upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 Professional after getting fed up with vista time and time again, so I only had WF4.0 on my desktop.

2 weeks ago, my desktop hard drive finally burned up (quite literally, i must say), so I bought a new drive and installed 7 professional on it as well.

I emailed - about getting my license reconfigured on June 28, 2011 at 12:22 PM central time, I never received a reply, so I re-sent it at 11:48 PM central time on July 3. I still have no received a reply.

So I broke down and bought WF5.0 internet download, July 7 2011.

I have tried both x86e_win64_installer.exe and i486_nt_installer_10.exe and both behave the same way- they show 100% download progress almost instantly, but stall at 2% copy file status, whether I select 64 or 32 bit install, on either file. I even right clicked and told Windows to install it with Vista SP1 settings, rather than Win7 native. No dice.

What gives? Not getting any reply after 2 weeks is horrible. The least somebody could have done is say "We'll look into it" or "You will have to buy the new version". But no reply at all? Horrible.

And apparently the whole net installer is known issue with windows 7. You could at least mark it with an astrick on the download page, and supply the ISO/ZIP/7z/TAR package instead of the non-working installer.

sheesh. Now I see why so many people use solidworks. At least they know what customer service is. I've had better service than this at Best Buy.

The email that I sent twice, but never received an answer:


the hard drive in which I had Pro-Engineer WF4.0 installed on, has crashed.

Origionally, I had Pro-Engineer installed on both my desktop and laptop, when both were using Vista. My desktop hard drive which it was installed on has crashed, and I upgraded my laptop to windows 7 long ago, losing the Pro-E install. I also lost the install CD when I moved, so I am without install media and without origional install locations.

Is my only option to buy a new Student Edition of WF 5.0?

Order Number: 4153109616
Order Date: 5/6/2009
Serial Number: BE***********-PSH3-73CJ
1 User License
Electronic Download

Thank You,
Steven T. McDermott


I called PTC phone support. After going 1-1, I told the lady that picked up that I had emailed - twice, once on June 28, once on July 3, and had never received a response. She forwarded me to the "support leader" (I think the name was Dimitri), but it went to his voicemail. I am hoping to get somethign out of this, because this is some horrible CS. No less for a student that you're trying to pitch the full program to.

Try this topic. It has a link to download the CD Image since there have been a lot of problem reports with the electronic downloads. If it's just the harddrive that failed I don't think the license needs to be reconfigured for that it's the network card address that it uses.

hey look, support!

Thanks for the link, Kevin. Downloading now, will try it later on. Is this an ISO that I can burn, or is it just the files from it?

It's the files you would see on the CD if you were to order physical media. So you just extract the files from the zip and run setup. It may have been corrected now but I initially had a problem with the license generation. There should be an installation PDF that provides a link to generate an offline license. And there is no problem backing up the files for later use if needed.


Thanks for the reply.

I saved my license key file for both WF4 and WF5.

Can the files I made in WF4 be opened in WF5? Some of them, I still need access to. As I mentioned prior, I lost the install CD's (there were 2 + a multimedia, IIRC..I only have the multimedia for some reason), so if I need to install both to get my old files...I'm in a pickle.


The files you linked to worked. Thank You.

Yes, they can be opened in WF5. What can't be opened are files created with the commercial versions.


I'm having the same problem as you with the installation of WDF 5.0. I bought it online and it doesn't go any further than 2%.

They would deserve a denouncement, because consider it as illegal to sell somethink that does not work.

I'm going to try the link that Kevin posted (hopefully).

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