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Choosing a Cam-Type Clutch to Drive a Centrifugal Pump


Choosing a Cam-Type Clutch to Drive a Centrifugal Pump

By Mathcad Staff

Machine Design and Analysis


This worksheet will:

  • Calculate for, select, and analyze a cam clutch for a centrifugal pump 
  • Apply for mechanical engineering and for anyone attempting to build machines, compressors, conveyors, cranes, helicopters, fans, aircrafts, pumps, etc. 
  • Perform using torque, shock torque, cycles per year, load applications, clutch bore, clutch size, etc.

This worksheet using PTC Mathcad shows you how to properly choose a cam-type clutch to drive a centrifugal pump. The example requires a clutch that must transmit 125 horsepower at 1800 rpm to the pump, which starts and stops 40 times per hour throughout a 12 hour day. The pump must run 360 days and must last 10 years. 

To solve, the worksheet first lays out the given parameters and takes you step by step through the calculation procedure. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Compute the maximum torque acting on the clutch 
  2. Analyze the torque acting on the clutch 
  3. Compute the total number of load applications 
  4. Choose the clutch size 
  5. Check the clutch dimensions

Each step of the calculation provides you with the relevant formulas and solutions along with instruction and notation surrounding the steps and analysis. You can use this general procedure to select cam-type clutches for business machines, compressors, conveyors, cranes, food processing, helicopters, fans, aircraft, printing machinery, pumps, punch presses, speed reducers, looms, grinders, etc. When choosing a specific clutch, use the manufacturer's engineering data to select the clutch size.

All images, notation, formulas, data, and calculations are provided to aid you in your own cam clutch selection, analysis, and calculations.

Download and explore this worksheet yourself! You can download a free lifetime copy of PTC Mathcad Express and get 30 days of full functionality.

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