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Release Notes: PTC University Expert Model Analysis 2.2 (XMA)


Release Notes: PTC University Expert Model Analysis 2.2 (XMA)

PTC University Expert Model Analysis 2.2 was released on March 30, 2015.


The main new feature for this release is Report Comparison.



What’s new in XMA 2.2:


  1. Report Comparison
    • The report statistics and analysis from two or more XMA reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet so they can be compared side by side.
    • This is useful for monitoring the improvement of a set of models over time or comparing the quality of different product lines.
    • The comparison is organized in a matrix where the rows contain the metrics and the columns contain the different reports.
    • Each XMA user will have a different point of view of what they want to focus their comparison on. And when presenting to management and end users it will be helpful to filter the number of metrics shown in the comparison to a small number of metrics that can easily be digested.
    • To help the XMA user simplify the comparison for their target audience, the rows are organized in groups that align with the XMA report’s structure of Geometry Quality, Design Intent Strength and Model Complexity. These groups can be expanded and collapsed, and rows can be hidden.
  2. PTC Creo 3.0 Scanning Support
    • As of XMA 2.2, we officially support scanning with PTC Creo 3.0.
  3. Internet Explorer Support
    • Added support for IE 10 and 11
    • Dropped support for IE8
  4. Command line interface
    • The Command Line Interface (CLI) is an experimental feature that can be used by scripts or batch files to automate XMA operations
    • Examples of how to perform a scan, export the report's spreadsheet and compare reports are in the XMA documentation.
  5. The default memory limit was increased from 7GB to 20GB
    • Detail on how to change the maximum memory limit available to XMA is in the documentation
    • It was common for users to require >7GB with large data sets, so we increased the default to 20GB


If you have any questions or feedback about this release, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email PTC University Support.

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