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2022-03-04 Friday Humor (Easy money.....?)

23-Emerald III

2022-03-04 Friday Humor (Easy money.....?)

Have a blessed weekend. Pray for peace and safety.



Professional ATMs


Wouldn't it be nice to have separate Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) for lawyers, doctors, and engineers? Perhaps banks can install some of these machines which have instructions like:




  1. This bank herein reserves the right to alter any Terms and Conditions which is available for perusal at any branch. Any breach in the aforementioned Terms and Conditions will result in the termination of this transaction, pacta sunt servanda. Any attempts to defraud this bank will result in criminal AND civil actions against the user.
  2. This transaction is now in session.
  3. Lodge your identification card into the slot marked 'Exhibit A.'
  4. Submit your evidence of identification on the keypad marked 'Exhibit B.'
  5. Evidence is inadmissible. Please resubmit.
  6. Choose your option:
  7. a) transfer clients' money to your account
  8. b) withdraw clients' money, in toto.
  9. c) cut off spouse's supplementary credit card
  10. d) application for supplementary card for mistress
  11. e) withdraw your own money
  12. This transaction is adjourned until all submissions are convened and a transcript is prepared.
  13. Remove your tag from 'Exhibit A.'
  14. Collect, inter alia, your allonge and attachments.
  15. Case closed.

To be continued….

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