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Top PTC Community Engagers January 2021

Community Manager

Top PTC Community Engagers January 2021

February 2nd came and went much like the excitement (or sadness) our friend "Punxsutawney Phil" brought to Punxsutawney, PA.  Four weeks ago Phil saw his shadow so it means we have two more weeks left of below-average temperatures here in the Northeast.  This is a theory I am willing to embrace as fact based on the 7 degrees on the thermometer today.  I actually drove my daughter to school so she wouldn't have a thirty minute school bus ride with cracked windows (the new covid reality we have gotten used to).  





groundhog-3998772_640 (1).png



Our friends at Wikipedia said the faith we put into the prognostication (prediction) of this  famous rodent -groundhog (Latin name:Marmota monax) or woodchuck "...derives from the Pennsylvania Dutch superstition that if a groundhog emerging from its burrow on this day sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat to its den and winter will persist for six more weeks; but if it does not see its shadow because of cloudiness, spring will arrive early." 


In the PTC Community we applaud community engagement and expert answers so I thought it would be beneficial to wait to see if our "Weather SME" in North America, Punxsutawney Phil, was right before dedicating a PTCooler post to him.


The digital image below isn't quite a groundhog, but we appreciate how our Top Engagers for January 2021 "burrowed" in and engaged with the PTC Community!  See some LAST photos (hopefully) of frigid New England.  Even in the cold we can find some beauty.  Feel free to share your winter photos too! 


 @Werner_E @ValeryOchkov @LucMeekes @tbraxton @dsgnrClarK @FredKohlhepp @VS_9760165  @MartinHanak @gbirnzain @BSUN_RO @Tdaugherty  @VladimirN  @pausob @gleonard3 @Ronan  @vjakel   @IvI107 @SP_9715784 @TomU @Ashritha  @KenFarley  @SurajPatil  @SEH_Michael 







 Photo credit to PTC Employee Lev Bass 











-20C in Mocow. Nice for me and my bike!-20C in Mocow. Nice for me and my bike!Made in Mathcad 15Made in Mathcad 15

After bikeAfter bike

Community Manager

-20 degrees!!!   I guess you win @ValeryOchkov Nice bike (both).  Great set of wheels!

Thanks! It is from one my book


I ask you to send this information to PTC Mathcad customs

Valery Ochkov. 2^5 Problems for STEM Education 

"Ochkov (Moscow Power Engineering Institute) packs a lot of information into a single book. The author's purpose is to present 32 "content rich" problems—or studies, as he refers to them—for students to solve. Each study includes areas of mathematics, physics, IT, art, and even creating a website. The narrative part of each study reads well, though a few may be overly long. The main software to be used is Mathcad, with copious examples provided in each study. Some studies are relatively short and fairly accessible, appropriate for use with lower-division (or even advanced high school) students, while others are definitely more advanced and complex. The primary reason to use this book is that it offers a range of problems, providing options that can be tailored to work for a particular class or group situation. This reader applauds the approach of presenting science as a system of interconnected information shared across many disciplines. True, this is not the current approach adopted in many traditional curricula. Yet, instructors could use this book as source material to create tailored, content-rich assignments. This reader can also envision assigning some of the problems to be undertaken in a group setting followed by presentations to the class."
– Choice Review, D. B. Mason, Albright College

Riding in snow is STUNNING. 😃

Scenes are different here for people living south of 26 degrees north latitude.



kid & palskid & pals 



Community Manager

Yes, Very different!  I needed to see GREEN grass and kids having fun without winter coats and mittens!

Looks nice. The pictures and the animation.


I said someone must had verified it. I looked thru the equation seemed logical a relationship of wheel radius and angle theta.


My little understanding is a small turn on the pedal wheel gives a large turn on the back wheel. Of course all the force, source of torque if that is the appropriate word for it, comes from the rider and that force is of course absent on the back wheel. That's not fair and so could an inequality relationship come out of it!


in the West of France I had snow too, and I tried to turn my skate to a snowboard 😁

luckily it's spring now 😎


IMG_20210211_112625.jpg  IMG_20210211_112803.jpg

Well done Top Engagers!! EPIC 🏆👏

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