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Identify and Resolve Your Issues Before They Become Problems


Identify and Resolve Your Issues Before They Become Problems

The PTC Support Services team is developing a new capability to automatically analyze log and configuration files provided to us by our customers. This new capability, called Proactive Monitoring and Support, was originally in experimentation phase with select customers, and has now reached a level of maturity where we are engaging a broader audience in order to help us fine-tune the quality and quantity of issue detection and notification.


We believe that this valuable service is a next generation evolution to the high-quality support that PTC customers receive. The technology powering Proactive Monitoring and Support is rooted in decades of experience in troubleshooting and efficiency monitoring by our Support organization. We felt it was time for a customer-facing issue detection engine that brings added value and efficacy to PTC’s powerful suite of enterprise software products.


Customers can look forward to early detection and notification of issues without any added effort or strain on their business. Our Proactive Monitoring and Support service will aid in expediting resolution of existing issues, as well as discovering issues before they become problems.


How Does Proactive Monitoring and Support Work?

The service is fully digital, leveraging a technology that does the following:


  • Retrieve logs or configuration files that our customers provided us. Our current pilot is based over Support case attachments, but we will ultimately analyze data coming from smart, connected PTC products and also provide a utility on eSupport to upload files manually for a scan)
  • Automatically identify the file type (log, configuration, etc.)
  • Check those files against intelligence developed by our Support Services experts
  • Generate customer-visible findings based on the logic above


What type of issues are detected?
The current data set used during the pilot includes Windchill and Integrity. The system runs approximately 200 checks against customer-provided files and makes recommendations on the following categories:


  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Configuration
  • Data Integrity


I want to be involved
If you have exchanged files with a Support Services engineers recently, chances are that those files have been scanned. In case anything was identified in those files, we will notify you by email.


I do not want to be involved

In case you do not want to be informed on any findings from your files found during this pilot, you can unsubscribe on this page.

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