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Adding Menu Buttons in J-Link - Solution


Adding Menu Buttons in J-Link - Solution


After quite a lot of effort, eventually the whole problem turned out to be a
real stupid thing - something I suspected from the very beginning.
Reminder: The issue was double trouble.
- I ran into problems in placing a button for a second, stand -alone j-link
application relative to the first one.
- I had a weird problem, when clicking on the button of one application
actually ran the other one.

With the help of Mary Mitchell the first problem was solved. Setting the
Config option "cmdmgr_trail_output" to "no" exposed the real names of the
buttons on existing ProE menus and allowed to set the buttons I wanted to
the correct place
The second problem of "cross linking" was found by Stephanie from PTC
support. The source of the strange behavior was my mistake of compiling the
different J-Link programs using the "Default Package" option of Netbeans.
Actually, every program should be in its own package, otherwise classes and
methods of the same name from different programs might get mixed on the
"first come first served" basis. In my case it was the MenuButtonListener
class that was activated from program number 1 when clicking on button 2.
Setting each program in its unique package solved the problem.

My thanks to all those who invested their effort to help me, especially
Mary, Bjarn and Stephanie.

Uriel Avron
Harmonic Systems Ltd.