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Anyone know why these security alerts are triggered?


Anyone know why these security alerts are triggered?

When you install a new version of ProE or Creo Parametric you always get three warning messages when you startup the software.

Windows Firewall has blocked some features of <name> on all public, private and domain networks.

Name: Creo1.0 from PTC
Path: <loadpoint>\common files\m030\x86e_win64\obj\xtop.exe

Name: nmsd.exe
Path: <loadpoint>\common files\m030\x86e_win64\nms\nmsd.exe

Name: pro_comm_msg.exe
Path: <loadpoint>\common files\m030\x86e_win64\obj\pro_comm_msg.exe

If you have admin rights you can allow this, if you don't have admin rights you have to tell it to ignore the warnings.

Why are these warning triggered?
What are the implications of granting access or not granting access?
Is there a way administratively to fix the firewall so you don't get these warnings?

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Yes, but you still need admin rights on the machine.

%windir%\system32\netsh.exe firewall add allowedprogram %InstallLocation%\i486_nt\obj\xtop.exe
%windir%\system32\netsh.exe firewall add allowedprogram %InstallLocation%\i486_nt\obj\pro_comm_msg.exe
%windir%\system32\netsh.exe firewall add allowedprogram %InstallLocation%\i486_nt\nms\nmsd.exe

We have a "one-click" automated installer that installs the program and takes care of all these niggling details; Nice!

--Jim Augeri
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