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At start up Screen fails to show start datums


At start up Screen fails to show start datums


I have finally successfully load CREO 1.0. But...when I start a new part, the main screen is blank. There is no datums or anything. I tried turning the dtaums on and off, changed the screen color, turned the layers on and off. All I get is a blank screen. Is there a setting I am missing? I am running Windows 7 64 bit. Any help would be appreciated.

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Forgot to add - all of the different banners show up (views, etc.) Also the model tree shows up fine.


if you can see datum planes in the model tree and you do not see them in grahic window then it is graphic issue.

You can temporarily add graphics win32_gdi option into your file and do a test. If datum planes appear then you have to install newer graphic drivers.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

Hi John,

That sounds very odd. Unless there is a config setting that is suppressing it then I would advise to reinstall. Are you running the latest update for Creo?

This sounds like a classic graphics display problem. When you select the datum planes from the model tree, do they appear (even temporarily) in the graphics window?

Martin's suggestion above should work to bypass any problems with the graphics hardware. Please let us know what happens.



This was a graphics problem as everyone had suspected. I have to really thank the PTC team for getting me through the install and the graphics problem.


I had to change to the win32_gdi to get the graphics to show up. But, then I couldn't rotate in real time. I had to research my graphics card and found where I could change 3D settings. There was a place where I could up the 3D performance and now I can view my screen and do real time zooms and rotate.

I have not tried the PTC setting on openGL since I found the 3D settings for my graphics card. I may try it, but I am actually pretty happy with everything at the moment.

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