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Can anyone point me at a 64 bit version of v3.0?


Can anyone point me at a 64 bit version of v3.0?

Good day,

To try out a plug-in that was created for version 3.0 of Creo Modelling Express I need a download of the 64 bit version of that.

  • The creator (M.I.P.) of the plug-in sent me a dead link and is currently not responding.
  • PTC's site only has v.4.0 - which is definitely nicer, but the plug-in seems to be faulty on it
  • The 32 bit version of 3.0 that I can find on various dl sites gives me warnings on install and the plug-in is definitely 64 bit.

I'm talking about the "free" version here for now - if the plug in works for our corp we'd probably go with the full deal.


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Hello Alexander,

I am sorry, that the link is not working. As V3.0 is the old version, probably we have changed the link with the new version. If you tell me the position of the link, we will correct it at our website.
We are now uploading the V3.0 to our website and will give you the link to you today as soon as possible (Upload size 171 MB).


it is me once again.

As I received the information from our R&D, now you can also test it with the latest V4.0.
Since last week we also support the new Creo Elements Direct Version with the new UI.

Yes, but then I assume I need to dl extrusion power again from some place? The MIP site gives me a lot of trouble today and the 06-06-2011 upload of the 64 bit version gives me a

Page Not Found

Gives me an aceess/pass thing which I can't solve with a PTC login and as such I cannot get to the 64 bit v3.0 version MIP told me would be there. I downloaded it before, but can't remember where I saved it to (changed pc since).

Version 4.0 with 64bit is pretty nice however (I like the ribbon) but it gives me trouble on the plugin (well, i think it's that, actually creo gives me a lot of (lisp) errors anyway - but I'm thinking that's because I'm not used to it period.)

Download site for ExtrusionPower is changed since June 2011, therefore you get the "Page Not Found" error.
For the new Creo Elements/Direct with Ribbon U/I you need the latest version of ExtrusionPower, therefore you have received these LISP errors. We will send you the new download link by e-mail.

And for downloading the Modeling Express V3.0 (old name Personal Edition) there is login and password needed to access the page, thefore you can not go in. It is not the same like your PTC login and password.