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Choosing graphic processor for Creo on notebook


Choosing graphic processor for Creo on notebook


Sorry, many questions right now...

I'm setting up a new laptop for Creo (Win10 x64, on Asus G551m).

The computer have 2 graphic processors (Intel integrated and Nvidia 960M).

Within Nvidia driver, I've tried to choose which graphic card will be used by Creo.

I've tried both but didn't have noticed performance changes.

So, I assume the changes I've made didn't have any effect.

And I don't know what processor is currently used by Creo.

Perhaps it uses integrated processor and I coud expect better performances ?

Then, does someone knows how this could be correctly set up ?

I've tried : autoselection, integrated and Nvidia with no visual change.

Transparence displays are particularly slow, even on simple cubes.

Any advice ?


23-Emerald II

That is a non-certified configuration for Creo and will not give good performance.

The GeForce 960m is a DirectX gaming card, not an OpenGL CAD card.

See this PTC webpage for hardware support:

Thank you but it was not my question.

I wad looking drivers and Windows settings for choosing what graphic card will Creo use.

Integrated graphic processor and Geforce performances should not be the same.

However, This little mobile Geforce card support OpenGL.

I've often seen Geforce card working very well with Pro/E or Creo.

I've bought many Quadro (at a big price) that were very disappointing in front of Geforce.

In my point of view, PTC certifications seems to be a more commercial than technical gait.

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