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Close mapkey dialog with a trail file

21-Topaz II

Close mapkey dialog with a trail file


We have batch files that run at start up that prompt the user to choose
the client they are working on. That sets a trail file to run at
startup to run a mapkey to load that client's file.

This works just fine, except that it leaves the mapkey dialog box open.
Not a big deal, but I'd like to have that get closed with the trail
file. 😄

I've tried to record a mapkey with the 'close mapkey dialog' pick in it,
but it simply doesn't record, no matter what set of picks I use. I've
tried with 'cmdmgr_trail_output' set to yes and no and it's simply never

I've tried starting a fresh session of Pro/E, opening the mapkey dialog,
running the mapkey and then closing it. I then grab that trail file and
set it to run at launch. It runs, the mapkey dialog appears and
disappears (yay!), but the mapkey to load the config file fails to run.

Has anyone found a way to run a mapkey at launch without leaving the
mapkey dialog open?


Doug Schaefer

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Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer