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Closing Loops in MFG


Closing Loops in MFG

Anyone have any magic tricks for closing loops?
I have a cable routed in a U-Shaped Wireway. The Wireway has 4 mounting
bosses in the center.
In order to clear the bosses the bundle it has to split into 2 bundles,
one on each side. Then routes back into one
bundle thus creating a loop which needs to be closed at the MFG Flat

In the MFG I continually get the message "Some cables are not long enough
to close this loop. Please reduce the bend angle of related flat segments"
Most loops I have closed in the past because the slop in the particular
area did not matter.
These particular loops I want to dimension and control. I may just go
without the .35 segment and sketch it in at the drw.

Pro-E should be able to close the loop regardless. I know where I have
moved the segment in the flat it has to be less than .35
Was looking for a config option

I can move the segment to a ridicules geometry and close it, but cannot
adjust it back to anything near the formed shape needed with
it failing many features. Have even brought the bend radius down to .001
in the spools.

Douglas K. Bowles
Advanced Systems Harn/Des
520-746-2019 Office
520-490-9395 Cell

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