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Component Interfaces and Fast Performance


Component Interfaces and Fast Performance

We are making extensive use of component interfaces. It works great
and ultimately is a real time saver.

However, the assembly we are working on will be getting quite large.
Even in the very beginning stages there is a considerable delay when
assembling. I assume this delay is because Creo is looking for all
possible component interfaces that exist in the model. Our receiving
interfaces exist in sub-components so it has to look down several
levels to see them all.

I see there are a few config options, but none of them seem to speed things up.

Maybe using the "criteria" within the interface itself speeds things up?

Looking for feedback from people who use interfaces in large assemblies.
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Hi Michael,

We don't use component interfaces much (although we should, I agree). Nevertheless, we noticed recently the same delay in a large assembly. We recently moved from WF3 to WF5, so I assume it's WF5-related. We decided to add the option comp_interface_placement interface_to_geom, which resolved the problem.
We didn't test it in Creo2.

Met vriendelijke groeten,Best Regards,

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