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Config.Pro - am I missing a setting?


Config.Pro - am I missing a setting?

Of course I am not, but I need to ask...

I have, on a couple of occasions recently, got myself into a situation where
I wanted to stop my assembly being retrieved. I remember, in earlier
versions of Pro/E, the option 'Quit Retrieve' being available in the
suppress, suspend, delete, etc. box. In WF2, it no longer seems to be
More in hope than expectation, I wondered whether there was a way to get my
'Quit Retrieve' button back. Any ideas?

I expect it's a feature/enhancement/intended functionality and the fix is to
always remember to unsuppress all the suppressed features in the skeleton
before retrieving the top-level model, but at my age...    🙂

WF2, M220


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WF2 quit retrieve is still available, but only for when components are missing, not when features fail or when component placement fails.

Usually, if it is a big assy and I stand to lose nothing, I just use task manager and kill the xtop process. It's the fastest quit retrieve available.

I'm on WF2 M210. Soon to be moving to maybe, not compatible with other wait maybe in another year...

The biggest problem I have is that I will hit the stop button - and it
continues to regenerate, so I hit it again and it continues to
regenerate. Usually a kill is the only way to get the darn thing to

Richard A. Black
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Eaton Corporation
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One of the nicer features of WF5 (and this is saying something), is that when a feature fails or a part fails or is missing, the assembly or model continues to load, and then tells you you have errors. Searching your model tree, they will be highlights red with a boxed X next to them... so you can click on them and figure out the problem. no more of the "suppress, freeze, clip-suppress" etc... that took forever to go through in loading an assembly with errors.

Chris Benner
Autodesk ® Expert Elite
21-Topaz II

Sounds just like Saladworks - the failed feature, and all it's children
are automatically suppressed. Well, SW does stop and ask if you want to
fix it now or continue with the rebuild, does WF5 ask first?

Come to think of it, that's exactly what WF4 and earlier did. They just
didn't ask so politely, I guess.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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