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Config file location


Config file location

Is it possible to to store the config files at diffrent location other than ProE load point/Text folder and map to this folder trough config settings?

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If you have not set a Start in Directory; Set it first

And then place your and in the Start in directory.

After this when you start your pro-e it will read the in the Start in Directory

You can change the rest of your changes in this

To set Start in Directory

Right click on the desktop Pro-e Icon

Go to Properties

Now you can set your required Start in Directory

I hope this will help you



Thanks for the reply Mahanta,

I have tried this on my machine, the only problem is that the uwgm.log, std.out and std.err files are getting created at the same shared location.

what actually i need is that i want to place the config files on the shared location, not on the local machine.

is there any config settings that i can make in local config file (in text directory)? that when ever i launch proe the local config file reads the config file which is on the server.


From my understanding there is 3 tiers of configuration files for Pro/Engineer

-Config.sup (in the installation directory) (in the Start In directory a.k.a the default working directory when you launch Pro/E)

All 3 of these configuration files are read in by Pro/E when it is launched. These files are listed in a order for a reason. The Config.sup file is the "master" configuration file. If an option is listed in the Config.sup file and is also listed in either of the files it is the Config.sup that will override any contradicating settings. This means the Config.sup and can be used to "force" a setting on local users. While the found in the Start In directory can be used by the local users to "customize" any additional settings that arent being overrule by the Config.sup or found in the install directory.

I hope this helps shed some light on which configuration files you should and shoulnt be using from the shared location. Typically a Batch file can be created on each local machine that will replace the Pro/E shortcut.

The Batch file can be programed to copy the needed configuration files from the shared location and then launch Pro/E from the instalation directory.

Can you elaborate on the proces of creating a "Batch file", or provide a link to a page that can give more detail on this?

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