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Config.sup question


Config.sup question

Is it possible to use the config.sup file to point to a specific and file?



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You can't use a config file to 'point' to another.  You can, however,
put your config files where Pro/E will 'find' them at startup.  Here's
where it looks:

1.     The <load point=">/text folder.  Your config.sup must be here, and
it will load first, but Pro/E will also load a if it finds
one here as well as a
2.     User's home directory.  This is defined by a Windows environment
3.     The startup folder.  This is defined by the 'Start In' field in
the shortcut used to launch Pro/E.  Right click on your launch icon and
select 'Properties'.

Beyond that, you can use custom batch files to get Pro/E to launch from
a different folder or use a trail file to have Pro/E load a trail file
at launch.  For most folks, using the 3 folders above should work.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer