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Controlling WF startup dir in a .BAT-file


Controlling WF startup dir in a .BAT-file

Dear all,

I have made an application in which projects are linked to a specific version of WF, the user selects his project to work on and automatically the right WF version is opened with all the right project settings.

My application uses a .BAT-file to startup a WF-version and to run a trialfile. With this trailfile the right config is loaded andthe right workingdirectory is set.

-call "C:\PTC\WF3\bin\proe1.bat" C:\PTC\Settings\startup.txt-

Now my problem is that WF is started in a certain directory, then the config is loaded. In this config is specified where WF drops its trial-files, but this is ignored and WF drops its trailfiles in the directory from which the program started.

If I put my config in the startup directory, the config will be used directly form startup and the trialfiles are dumped correctly in the config-specified folder. I could also put a 1 line config in the instalation\text directory for each WF instalation on the network. But I dont like both options

So my question is: is there a way to control the WF startup directory from the .BAT file. (just like in a desktop shortcut)

Kind regards,

Dennis Varkevisser

Dennis Varkevisser
Flexible Engineering Support
+31 6 50 68 01 79

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Prior to the line in your batch file that starts proe enter an line that
changes the directory to the desired locations

cd /d %STARTUP_DIR% where STARTUP_DIR is a variable that is set when the
user selects the project they will be working on.

That said, the way we handle this kind of thing is to, if necessary, copy
the from our global stds to the proe text dir. Then we use the
TYPE command and append to the text dir any other options that
are required for that user which are listed in another config file.


type %PRO_STDS%\configs\ >>%PROE_LOADPOINT%\text\ where are config options for our users in Cham.


As David said, Pro|E will use the directory that the batch file is
running in when you call Pro|E. So, no matter what the 'Start In' in
the icon says, if your batch file changes to a different directory,
that's now the startup directory for Pro|E.

As far as trail files go, unless there's a reason to have them different
for every project, I'd just specify them in a config/pro file stored in
the load point. You can have your batch file copy that from a server
location at start up so you can manage a single file rather than one on
each workstation. That's how we manage it here.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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