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Creo 2.0 Config editor


Creo 2.0 Config editor

I just got around to look at the config editor in Creo 2.0. Same issue that was brought up with Creo 1.0. There is no differentiation between where the config files got loaded. All you see is the current session.

Not happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Haigh
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This doesn't seem to be important to PTC by their lackluster response to
it. This ought to be one of the highest priority items to correct in
Creo, in my view, but it appears as though it isn't high on their
priority list.

It would be great if more companies that rely on loading multiple
configs and editing them within the software would file calls on this
issue to get it elevated. This issue has delayed our rolling Creo 1.0
or 2.0 out to our users. We'll only do so when forced to by a client.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

FYI - SPR 2095853 Severity "high" was filed for this issue back on
October 18th.


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Thanks for pointing that out. Severity "High" would imply an elevated
level of importance, but still existing nearly 6 months later and in the
next major release (Creo 2.0) feels at odds with that.

Pro/E has long had a very robust set of admin tools and an extensive
ability to manage installations and configurations company wide. Many
companies have relied on these and Creo is the first release to
significantly alter how these work, and not for the better. I wonder if
PTC understands how much many companies have come to depend on these
tools, that have not fundamentally changed in years, and how
significantly these changes in Creo affect them.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
23-Emerald II

An old quote I found in my archives.

PTC is not interested in how engineers work,
They are interested in getting engineers to work PTC's way!

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

Doug, et al

There have been a number of posts on this topic lately and I just wanted
to let you know where the issue currently stands at PTC.

We are aware of the concern raided by customers about this issue. This
is a high impact issue and is being looked at very closely. The reason
it is taking such a long time to get a solution is that we were planning
on making significant changes in Creo 3.0 to how the whole customization
and mechanism works. As it happened this is now no longer
happening, which brings us back to fixing the problem more quickly in
Creo 2.0

We are currently reviewed ideas of how we can bring this capability back
and hope to offer a fix in an upcoming maintenance build. The date of
this has not yet been determined.

The fix will likely consist of the following 2 aspects:

1. Add a filter to the config editor to display configs from
specific files

2. Add a mechanism back that will write a specific config back to
the file it came from, and not copy everything to a new config file.

Hopefully these changes will solve the problem.

I hope this alleviates any more concerns out there

Thanks in advance

Paul Sagar

Director of Product management



Thanks for the update, it's helpful. Those two bullets are exactly what
I would like back, thank you.

So, do I understand you correctly that a fix will come in Creo 2.0 but
not in 1.0? That would be disappointing.

Oh, and thank you for abandoning the wholesale changes to the config
mechanism in Creo 3.0. There is certainly room for improvement in the
implementation of config files, but the system as a whole is excellent.
I also have the dubious responsibility of helping to maintain our
SolidWorks installations and SW has almost zero tools for managing
installations company wide. Pro/E 2001 was light-years ahead of SW 2013
in this regard.

If improvements are to be made, please consult companies who use these
tools extensively first. I suspect there are two groups that do, large
companies with hundreds of seats and companies like ours who need to run
multiple versions and implement different config info for many clients.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer


Having the ability to manage configs is extremely important to JLG. We have our internal user community and also manyexternal design partners. As mentioned, these partners must be able to run a Creo environment per JLG configs. Our crystal ball has us adopting Creo 2 late summer early fall of 2012. If we can't manage our configs internally and externally that will certainly impact our adoption plans.

Regards, Jim

I think an important distinction should be made. The way Creo loads
configs and the folders it looks for them has not changed. What has
changed is the ability to edit those files from within the UI. There is
no way to edit a specific file and save only the new or changed options
back to that specific file from within Creo. If you edit your config
files in a text editor only, and can get your users to do so as well
(not an insignificant limitation), you should mostly be fine with Creo.

The other issue is that simply entering the config editor UI causes a
config file to be saved in the current working directory containing all
options from all config files loaded. It's not saved as '' so
it won't automatically load at startup, however.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer


Thanks for that clarification. That is, as you say, an important


Lyle Beidler
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I should know how to do this, but what is the best way to model a curved
washer? This would be taking a flat washer and bending it slightly around
a cylinder.

I have to put this in an assembly afterwards.

I'm on WF4


Jeff Schnellinger
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Manager Engineering Services


There may be an easier way, but I think I would do this by intersecting a
curved surface with a cylindrical surface then thicken the resulting quilt.

Mike Phillips
Sr. Mechanical Systems Technologist
Network Centric Systems
Raytheon Company

+1 (972).344.4056 (office)

6620 Chase Oaks Blvd
Plano, TX 75023-2310

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23-Emerald IV

One really simple way is to project a curve of the washer profile onto a curved surface. Then trim the surface using the projected curves. Finally, thicken the surface to the washer thickness. Another option would be to do something in sheet metal.

Tom U.

[cid:image002.jpg@01CD1709.565FDD00] [cid:image004.jpg@01CD1709.565FDD00]

[cid:image006.jpg@01CD1709.565FDD00] [cid:image012.jpg@01CD1709.565FDD00]


Investigate "bend solid" it should provide a nice solution.

Tim McLellan
Mobius Innovation and Development, Inc.

Anyone else wonder why the position of notes in the editing box has NO
correlation to where they actually end up in the final note?

Just wonderin.... Anyone have a solution? I'm trying to create a list
that is lined up, but not all left justified....



Ok, that was weird... Here's what I actually posted... (I'm not sure
where it went in the original post though)

Anyone else wonder why the position of notes in the editing box has NO
correlation to where they actually end up in the final note?

Just wonderin.... Anyone have a solution? I'm trying to create a list
that is lined up, but not all left justified....


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