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Creo 2 date code recommended?


Creo 2 date code recommended?

ProE Users,

I'm starting a large ProE (I mean Creo) project and I've been using SolidWorks exclusively for past 4 years. What date code is recommended to use to date? I have M040 installed and I'm guessing I need to update.

Thank you

Ryan Crisp | Senior Mechanical Engineer

Priority Designs
501 Morrison Rd.
Columbus, OH 43230
(614) 337-9979
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There are a couple things to consider in your Date Code decision: Creo Stability and Windchill (Intralink) Compatibility.

Creo Stability
There was a particular Date Code (m060? m080?) that had a bug everyone avoided. Here, we adopted m100 and it has been very stable for us. I suspect builds beyond m100 (up to m130) are also stable.

Windchill Compatibility
With each Creo Date Code can come compatibility with particular versions and builds of Windchill. Since we use Windchill (actually Windchill-based Intralink 10.0 m030), we opted for Creo 2 m100 because of that Windchill version/build. Additionally, Creo 2 m100 will work with Intralink 10.2 m020 when we go to it after the first of the year. So, if applicable, keep an eye on your current and near-future Windchill versions/builds. Here is a PTC online document<">> in case you need to consider your Creo with Windchill.

Good luck,

Scott Pearson
Senior Designer
CAD System Administrator

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I'd go with m120. I have a couple guys testing m130, and with PDMlink 10.2 the model tree search tool isn't updating the results correctly.

This shows the results of three searches. In the embedded browser is one of the previous searches. The filename was changed and the user pressed enter on the keyboard. that results show in the search results on the left. Then the number was changed again and the user pressed enter. Now there are the results of two previous and the current search. If you press the search button several times they all update to the current search result.


David Haigh
21-Topaz II

I've had good luck with M120.

There was an issue prior to M060 with editing config files when multiples were loaded. The config editor in Creo is still less than intuitive, but prior to M060 it was a train wreck.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Working with Creo 2 M120 we had some problems with EMX 7.0 (Expert mouldbase
extension) and EMX 8.0 in that some of the EMX functionality did not work
reliably. We switched back to M110 and all the problems disappeared and it
is very stable, so there is perhaps something about M120, however M120 on
its own seemed fine.

As a small company we just don't have time to evaluate what has been
improved in a later build (In fact I wouldn't even know where to look for
that info) and that is where the forum is very useful in that you can hear
which builds to avoid.