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Creo 3.0 uninstall thumbviewer?


Creo 3.0 uninstall thumbviewer?

In Creo 2.0 you could uninstall the thumbviewer with this command.

msiexec /uninstall "C:\ptc\Creo 2.0\Common Files\m120\install\addon\Thumbviewer_32_64.msi" /passive

In Creo 3.0 there is no .msi that you can call to do the uninstall.

Any ideas how to uninstall this?

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Had a conversation with PTC. You have to call the .msi from the install disk, or the install folder. Obviously I don't want to stick a disk into the system to call the .msi from that. And, I'm not real thrilled with the idea of calling it from a network share. So I decided to just copy the two required .msi files into a uninstall folder in the load point, That way I can call them from the uninstall script and they are local to the system.

Like this,

In my install script:

1. rem ** move msi's req for uninstall to folder

2. If {%valid%}=={success} (echo f |xcopy /y "C:\ptc\Staging_Folder\Creo 3.0-m010\Thumbviewer_32_64.msi" "C:\ptc\Creo 3.0\M010\uninstall\Thumbviewer_32_64.msi")

3. If {%valid%}=={success} (echo f |xcopy /y "C:\ptc\Staging_Folder\Creo 3.0-m010\Creo 3.0-m010 software\install\addon\pvx32_64\pvexpress\CreoView_Express_32_64.msi" "C:\ptc\Creo 3.0\M010\uninstall\CreoView_Express_32_64.msi")
In my uninstall script:

1. rem ** Remove CreoView Express

2. msiexec /uninstall "%CREO3PATH%\%CREOVERSION%\uninstall\CreoView_Express_32.msi" /passive

3. rem ** Waiting 30 seconds

4. timeout /T 30 /NOBREAK

5. rem ** Remove the Thumbviewer

6. msiexec /uninstall "%CREO3PATH%\%CREOVERSION%\uninstall\Thumbviewer_32_64.msi" /passive

7. rem ** Waiting 30 seconds

8. timeout /T 30 /NOBREAK

I should also point out that in Creo 3, the help is split between apps. So the path to the uninstall.exe is different than in Creo 2. For example I have to do this:

1. "%CREO3PATH%\help\creo_help_pma\bin\uninstall.exe" -quiet

2. "%CREO3PATH%\help\creo_help_sim\bin\uninstall.exe" -quiet

David Haigh

If you get the GUID from the .msi file, you can uninstall the viewer via the msiexec command.

For example: "MsiExec /X{1F20389C-E4CF-4419-9E20-572720AC424C} /qn"

You can use a tool like InstEdit to get the GUID. If you use that tool, you'll find the GUID under the Property table listed as the ProductCode.

You can also get the GUID from the registry as well as the uninstall command that's used by the Add/Remove programs control panel. The registry area is usually HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall


Dan Nordin

I looked in the registry.

I found this. I assume you’re saying if I just enter this uninstall string it will do the uninstall without having to get the GUID?

By the way what’s a GUID?

David Haigh

FYI the creo agent is in a different path in the registry.

It’s here with the 32 bit software:

The thumbviewer is here with the 64bit software:


David Haigh

In Creo 2, you can keep “Thumbnail Viewer” and “Creo View Express” from being installed at the users Creo launch by setting the option “startup_check_for_visualization no”

It may work for Creo 3 also.

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This is a prime example of why I don’t want to see the exploder to go away.

I would not have gone and searched for an answer to a question that I was not aware of. Whereas I’m now aware of a option that I will be able to use in the future.

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