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Creo 4.0 Automatic Representations


Creo 4.0 Automatic Representations

Hello all,

1. Has anyone been using the Creo 4.0 option:

    hide_pre_creo4_reps yes


2. If yes, have you found any issues?


Our preliminary benchmarks show that this option improves assembly retrieval anywhere from 1/2 the time all the way to 1/5 the time.


We would like to push this option out as the default operating mode to our 300+ users, but we are finding the following issues:


a. All the time savings you get in the model are negated when you open the drawing because the drawings sucks everything into memory.

b. If you do a File --> Manage File --> Rename, you cannot rename any subcomponent parts because they don't show up in the rename model structure.

c. We find when benchmarking the other two values for this option (no & maintain_master) we get no performance enhancement.




Great question. What did you end up doing, and why?


Can anyone else share their experiences with this?


We are evaluating all new Creo 4.0 config options right now for our potential upgrade. 


I haven't done extensive testing, but I did do some testing with opening large assemblies with the "automatic" rep vs opening them with the master rep. These were assemblies previously saved with Creo 2.


In those cases the "automatic" rep was actually slower than the master rep by 1.5-2X. I have not had a chance to test out assemblies made in Creo 4.


We have keep the default value for our deployment and address it in training.

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