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Creo crashes while recovering a model, no longer starts


Creo crashes while recovering a model, no longer starts

Dear All,


I'm new to Creo and installed it and started learning.


While doing some simple exercises the Creo crashed every now and then, but was able to recover. After that the Creo crashed, but was unable to recover the model while producing the following warnings:


2017-02-01 11_39_42-Creo Parametric Student Edition (for educational use only).jpg

Now the program won't start at all. Even with re-install it tries to open the crashed files and cannot recover from that.


What I've tried:




-removal of traceback files from user/common files


But the problem persists.


Is there a workaround for this problem? Where does Creo store the data, that it didn't close correctly? Is this something that happens with Creo regularly?


I have the student version and therefore I'm not eligible for tech support (or able to see many of the posts at tech support site for that matter), so it would be superb to get some help and be able to learn the program!


Is this happening when you open a specific model or when you are launching Creo?

It happens when launching Creo and thus jams the program completely.

The program produces the warnings on the screenshot, creates a traceback file with notion:  Exception EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION has occurred in the thread 6652.


Are you saying that it is trying to open the corrupt model on startup without asking you whether or not to do so, or even if you press 'continue' instead of 'retrieve' in the picture shown?

Thanks Matthew for the "magic touch", or whatever you did.

Before, the program always crashed before being able to select either one of the options.

Now it allowed to select 'continue', which is great!

It doesn't raise much trust towards the program, though. In many senses the first Creo 3.0 experiences have been like return to the bad old days of approximately 15 years ago.

23-Emerald II

I never liked that retrieve recovery option. It makes you think its going to recover lost work but if you read it, it's just going to re-open what was in session. AND, in my opinion, any issues that those files had.

I turned off the recovery option so that doesn't even pop up.

Don't expect Creo to be like solidworks or many of the other parametric CAD programs. There is a lot of history in the software and it pops up regularly.

Don't try to use creo like solidworks. Creo demands more exacting methods (in my opinion) which gives you a much more robust, controllable model (in my opinion).

Creo has a step learning curve (not my opinion, I pretty sure this is fact). If you are discouraged by not being "the expert" in 1 year, 5 years, or 20+ years, it's probably not what you are looking for.


I don't know how it could crash before letting you say 'continue', but glad it isn't happening.  I've never heard of this behavior before, and I'm sure we'd hear about it loud and clear if people were seeing it generally.

If you want to turn off the functionality entirely (as I do, as a developer it is not useful to me), set the config option 'last_session_retrieval no'.


if you want to remove "mess", then:

  • open Windows Explorer
  • put %APPDATA% into its address field
  • rename/remove PTC subdirectory


Martin Hanák
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