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Creo live simulation very slowly


Creo live simulation very slowly

I am using Creo Parametric Release 8.0 and Datecode8.0.4.0

we have Creo 8.0.4 in a network installation
in the new workstation Creo live simulation doesn't work good and take more than 15 minutes to start an analysis in Creo simulate (a simple analisys with a cube with one side fixed and one force on the opposite side)
the GPU seems to doesn't work and the and all analysis are made by CPU
the graphics card is a NVIDIA A4500 (ampere architecture) with 20 GB RAM, the cpu is a XEON W2223 with 64 GB RAM.
in the driver i have activated all option about CUDA to enable it on all application, the Nvidia driver version is 472.98

the same network Creo installation, in an old workstation with an QUADRO RTX 5000 and driver 462.31 works good, so i think that is not a problem about Creo configuration, otherwise i coulnd't work in any case.
i've verified the driver option in the workstation where Live simulation works and i have the same option activated on new workstation.

in my config files i activated the follow variable for live simulation:

creo_ansys_cache_folder D:\start_creo\ansys_solutor\cache
creo_ansys_run_folder D:\start_creo\ansys_solutor\run
creo_ansys_solver_cores 4
enable_creo_simulation_live yes
use_gpu_line_style_rendering yes
advanced_rendering_mode gpu

these are common variables for all the workstation.

i'm looking for a solution to work with live simulation on new workstation, can you help me?


Accepted Solutions


If your current workstation is a creo Certified station per you should contact PTC support to have them troubleshoot your setup. If it is a setup issue instead of a hardware issue, then your problems will just follow you to the new workstation.

the workstation are certificated (is an HP Z4 G4)

PTC raccomended driver 472.42 (update 18/03/2022) but this driver doesn't exist in Nvidia website or in the HP download center.

the oldest downloadable driver from NVIDIA website for A4500 is the 472.47 (see screen below)


the driver 472.98 (installed on workstation) is the driver versione certificate and reccomended from HP in their website, and it is the driver that internal ICT install by default on new workstation.


i'll try to contact PTC because to install a different diver version i need a certificate reason to submit to ICT department.












please read document.

Martin Hanák

thank you

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