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Custom PSF startup files for different servers


Custom PSF startup files for different servers

We have 2 Windchill servers at our company, one is our development server which we let users practice in and get a feel for things without modifying actual components. The other is our production system.

There is a lot of confusion for new users between the two servers and logging into one vs the other. I want to minimize this as much as possible. (how many prt000#.prt do people actually need for production?)

Has anyone tried modifying the PSF file to manage something along these lines? I'd like it to have a different PSF file for each server where it will ask the person, and they can only log into one server at a time. Basically changing the server manager settings upon startup.

Any ideas/thoughts?

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22-Sapphire I

One standard thing to do is change the images for both logon and header. You can also add text to begin_custom.jsp. See attached.

Yes I have thoughts on this. I do it all the time when testing stuff on our development server. You don't need or want to edit the .psf file.

You need to do the following:Create a startup scriptCreate a shortcut to that scriptEdit the properties on that shortcutCreate a setup script to set this up on the users workstationsHere's my startup script, it's named wf4-9-test-start.bat

set PTC_WF_ROOT=%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\PTC\ProENGINEER
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.log*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.xml*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.inf*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.m_p*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.out*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.crc*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.usr*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.bom*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.tst*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.ger*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.err*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.lst*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.idx*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*.isl*"
del "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\*trail.*"
"P:\wf4-m100\proeWildfire 4.0\bin\proe.exe"

Go to the properties of the short cut and make the "Start in" location something like this:

My setup script looks like this:XCOPY "P:\StartupConfigs\Designer\Wildfire4\Pro ENGINEER-PDMLink 9 test.lnk" "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" /Yif not exist "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home" (mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home")if not exist "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\PTC\ProENGINEER" (mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home\PTC\ProENGINEER")if not exist "%USERPROFILE%\pro\plot_files" (mkdir "%USERPROFILE%\pro\plot_files")P:\bin\xxmklink "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\Plot Files" "%USERPROFILE%\pro\plot_files" " " "ProE plot file are created here"P:\bin\xxmklink "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\WF4 PDMLink 9 Home" "%USERPROFILE%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home" " " "PDMLink 9.0 test dir. Personal config goes here"P:\bin\xxmklink "%USERPROFILE%\desktop\ProE PDMLink 9" "P:\StartupConfigs\Designer\Wildfire4\wf4-9-test-start.bat" " "%%USERPROFILE%%\pro\wf4_pdmlink_9_home" "Start ProE PDMLink Test" " "P:\StartupConfigs\Designer\Wildfire4\ptc.ico"I added bullets to indicate line numbers. What this does is:
1. copy the shortcut to the users quickstart bar
2. Look for the existence of directories and if they don't exist create them.
3. create shortcuts on the users desktop. This requires additional software which you can get here:
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