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Downloadable web tools for CE Pro?


Downloadable web tools for CE Pro?

For Wildfire 3 and some prior releases, PTC's web tools could be downloaded for a local installation.
Are this availble for Creo Elements Pro 5 (Wildfire 5)?
I can't find it anywhere on PTC's web site.



So I've had WF4 sitting on the shelf and use it sometimes when I have
issues importing parts into Pro for use in CFD. Not a whole lot of use.
I decided to start my next project using WF4 since I like some of the
additional features. Unfortunately, it seems extremely unstable. It
crashes at least once an hour.

I only have build M070. Are there future builds that people are using
that are pretty stable? I've been using WF3 M170 for the past few years
and it has been pretty rock solid. I had hoped the random crashing
issue was a thing of the past but apparently each new version recreates
the issue. (it's a feature, not a bug...)

Now I guess I'll have to figure out how much maintenance is gonna hit me
up for a stable copy of the program I've already paid for...



We have been successfully running M140 for over a year now.


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Are people really that afraid to try new datecodes?

With ~ 1400 Global CAD users at 27 engineering centers, we don't move to every maintenance release unless we are dealing with a major flaw or lots of significant flaws. Once we find a stable maintenance release with stick with it, until the next version upgrade. We don't usually go with a new version until it's had quite a few maintenance releases. However Cero Parametric is already looking pretty good.


William E. Swank | Case New Holland


In a simple word, yes.

The long answer: For PTC's history of version releases (micro and macro) it has always been a nail-biter as to what will happen once the new version goes live. Many, many, many...did I mention many...companies had horrific experiences early on when upgrading major releases. As the build codes climbed the software usually became more stable. That's a given. However, I still deal with companies today that utilize "Once burned" methodology by loading and piloting the new release offline for weeks and months prior to implimentationinorder to mitigate the potential unforeseen landmines.

WF1 was, well let's just forget that one ever existed.

WF2 was better but had it's growing pains and at the end was okay.

WF3 was good out of the box and only got better. By the end of its run was pretty bullet-proof.

WF4 - Something was in the water in Needham at that point in time. Overall it was slower. Something inside was gumming up the works. Early releases crashed a lot. As it grew up it became more stable, not 100%,but still markedly slower than WF3 overall.

WF5 brought it's own baggage to the party. Although stable, the workflow was stunted and drawing ribbon...whew! Screaching halt to productivity for many.

In the immortal words of Mr. F. Gump's mother... Life is a box a chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.This hold true for our software too.

In Reply to Mark Steffke:

Are people really that afraid to try new datecodes?

When you add in the fact that, at a certain point, you no longer just
upgrade Pro/E, but also have to upgrade your PDM software, it gets even


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The upgrades when running PDMLink and Wildfire must be coordinated. I try to do only one at a time.
It may mean a Wildfire build update from a long running stable build to a newer in preparation for the Windchill change.
I try to avoid Windchill build changes.

Thank you,

Ben H. Loosli

I'm not at all afraid of new maintenance builds. I've installed at least 8 or 9 different builds of WF4. At first I'd test them out with a couple of users for a week before bumping up the production. At this point, I just make sure it runs and plays nice with PDMlink and then I switch over to the new build. The users for the most part don't even notice. What I've noticed is the number of problems with PDMLink have gone down over the builds.

Because I only install the software on my license server I can have multiple builds on the server. I just change one line in the startup script that points to the correct build. If needed I can move back to the previous build in seconds.

New versions of ProE are another matter.

David Haigh
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