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Dynamic milling like MasterCAM?


Dynamic milling like MasterCAM?

Good morning,

It was brought to my attention by a new coworker that use to
program using MasterCAM on how to improve our machining process. He showed
me some videos of the Dynamic milling and it looked really fast and
efficient. Would anybody that is using Creo Manufacturing have some
guidelines and parameter settings to help me achieve this with Creo 3.0? I
think we can do the same thing that is in MasterCAM.


Son T. Nguyen

108 W. 2nd Street

Assaria, Kansas 67416


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when this happens you will be very happy.


Yea it does not do it at all at this time. We have been asking and waiting for years.

It is a shame how PTC has allowed Pro Mfg too fall behind other cam systems.

I have to use Mastercam X6 for my Dynamic Milling.

By the way PTC what happened to the Live material removal you promised to be in Creo 3 ?


There is a plug-in (Modular) for Creo called VoluMill that will do similar to Dynamic Milling and works good.

Dear Artin,

my information is mid 2016 come the Creo 4 and PTC will with VoluMill put in the new Roughing technology.

But interest me how to function the plug-in.

Have you any information?

thanks your answer.

János Ternák.


When VoluMill is installed it will create a tab (menu) in CREO/manufacturing, that you can use it to generate roughing sequence.

I am a former Mastercam user, and I really miss it. I have been using Creo for the last 2 years. Creo truely is behind the times for dynamic milling. The only thing close in Creo is Volume with constant load. VoluMill does have an stand alone platform that works great but have yet to coordinated with PTC to have a plug and play module that works in Creo.

I have been playing with original volume mill and can almost get the same results like Dynamic milling. The only thing I can not figure out is on the start of the sequence the tool will always go to X0 Y0 twice and then goes to machining the constant load rough option. It is actually working pretty good but that crazy X0 Y0 at the start of the tool path. Example of code below notice the X0. Y0. and then on line N70 X0. Y0. Z2.



N10 G40 G80 G90 G17


N20 M6 T3
N30 G0 G54 X0. Y0. S10000 M3
N40 G43 Z2. H03 M8
N50 G1 Z2.031 F500.
N60 X-.9508 Y1.325 Z.141
N70 X0. Y0. Z2.
N80 X-.9508 Y1.325 Z.21
N90 Z.11 F300.
N100 X-.961 Y1.3319 Z.062

it sounds like your post is set to output CSYS zero location

But if I change to a spiral or any other volume mill sequence it does not do that.

Dear Son nguyen,

I heard so the hypermill can link with Creo, but it means you need to buy Creo NC and hypermill too.

I have been using the constant load option a lot recently and have gotten good results. I visited the Creo NC Booth at PTC live and was made aware of two parameters that help.

MIN_RETRACT_DISTANCE  is actually the distance that you desire between retracts. if you want the tool to stay down set this to a value larger than the area or (part) that you are machining.

LIFT_TOOL_CLEARANCE  is a value to lift the tool when not in cut (like a small retract).




I have been playing with those parameters and still get a retract at the wall but not all the time ? I have a pocket similar to your second picture that I am trying to cut. It is a .125 deep by .500 wide  by 3 inch long pocket but the cutter still retracts back to z zero for a ways then settles down and behaves as expected. I guess this is a work in progress I can't figure it out.  I used the parameters similar to what you have in your picture but that must have been for the one that retracted all the time.





These sequences look nice.  Would it be possible for you to save the ncsequence parameters file for these programs?


Been playing around with constant load in Creo 3.0 M040 and it has been working really good with those parameters but be careful with gouging. I have a case filed with ptc support case #12437221. PTC has been able to replicate the situation in M040 and M050. The work around so far, to prevent the gouging when the tool is doing a traverse move is to create multiple windows and try to keep the windows as simplest as you can and it will not gouge the part. I did not see the gouge until I ran it in Vericut lite. I can also send you the .mil for you to play with but then the sequence will not be driven by the tool and material.

The extra retract moves will happen sometimes and sometime work like a charm.



Thanks for sending the Parameters. I see the difference now. You are using volume milling. I was trying to use the roughing now!

I wish PTC would do a little more for us with tutorials or training for the new parameters and sequence options. Seasoned users of Creo are not going to take a class or get a subscription to PTC U just to get up to speed with the new stuff.


I actually picked that up at PTC Live in the Creo NC Help Booth. I agree that this product is not very well supported. I think we may see more in Creo 4.0.



I downloaded your files and did a play path before looking at the parameters in your crash file sequence. I thought when it gouged I bet he doesn't have retract set to always.

then I looked and sure enough it was set to always in the parameters. Sure looks like a software bug to me.

I had the same issue when we tried Pro toolmaker. it would not retract and gouged all over the place for me. I hope they get this issue fixed soon.

Dear Son,

I work with proNC and I try make a similar path.

I made the roughing or volumill and Helical entry always isn't constant.

Can modify this? Or it is a failure?


I believe there is a paramter starting in Widlfire 4.0 that lets you control helical entry.  I can get more info if you need it.


Dear Michael,

we send this and more thing at PTC. And it made a failercode PTC C12999581 .

If you have more information, please shere this.

I thinke the ptc pro NC need to develop very much, because the competitors run away.

But I want to believe NC is the very urgent in IoT and industry 4.

I work with proNC, and I can manufactur very much individuals parts, but many other CAM use trochoidal HSC/HFC technologie.

And I tried them, I am sad, because it work.

Longer tool life, and better surface.

I like the ProE/Creo (19 years), but NC is the neglected children.


Here's a link that shows how to do something looking like trochoidal =>

I hope they will implement a true trochoidal in Creo 4. But as you said Janos NC is the neglected children !