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Pro E users,

Any suggestions on a medium range graphics card for WF 5. (windows 7)

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I am having a problem with the Quadro 2000 (Windows 7 64 bit on a Dell T7500). When I first open up a model then the screen is black until I rotate it. Also sometime the buttons are greyed out for some menu picks. However, it is my own fault as it is not listed as supported:

In Reply to Paul Korenkiewicz:

Nvidia Quadro's... They list midrange as the 2000 model...


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326

I also have a black screen upon model load until rotation.

FYI, I am using WF50 M060 on a Dell T5500 using Windows 7-64 bit and a
Quadro 3800 card.

I'm running video card bios and driver

So, I don't think all of the fault is your card (hardware). There is no
Pro-E setting specifically for the card. I am using '3D App - Default
Global Settings' in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317
21-Topaz II

I hear a lot of issues with Quadro cards on Dell machines with Windows 7
64 bit.  I'm running the 3800 and have the black screen issue
occasionally, but not often.  I also have occasional graphics card
crashes, which others have reported, flashing and ghosting when dragging
the insert bar in the model tree and model flashing when resizing the
model tree.

Not sure if this is a Dell issue, an Nvidia issue, a 64 bit issue or a
Pro/E issue.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

I get the same 20% of the time

Dell T3500
Quadro FX 1800
WF5 M020 & M060
W7 64 Bit

Gary Pitt
Columbia Plastics Ltd
Surrey, B.C. V3S 8E5

604 530 9990 ext 236

This may not be pertinent in this case.

I built up a system for analysis. I chose the Nvidia GTX480 because of the
480 GPUs in it for some fea and cfd. It has 1.5g of ddr5 ram. I am running
Win7-64 with 12G ddr3. The first build had a noname ssd and a XFX mainboard
and graphics card. I figured that the same vendor could make their things
run well together. The ssd kept hiccupping, so it got replaced with an Intel
ssd. Nothing but problems with the XFX. Dumped them and put in a Gigabyte
mainboard and a Gigabyte GTX480. All runs well for almost a year now.
Quality components made the difference. Just because it says Nvidia Quadro
2000 doesn't mean there aren't any differences in vendors.

Good luck,


I'll add mine to the mix... I think it is a Win7 x64 bug...

I am running a Lenovo W510 w/ nVidia Quado FX880M Win7 x64 and I get the
black screen probably 20% of the time as well.


I am experiencing the same issues with a Dell M6500 Windows7 64 bit with
a Quadro FX 3800 M.

Okay - It must be a WIN7 64 bug, as I am using a Dell M6500 with an Nvidia
Quadro and am having NO graphics issues

Anthony R. Benitez

Senior Mechanical Designer

Drafting Supervisor

Applied Research Laboratories

The University of Texas at Austin

I'm seeing the same problems with Win7 32 bit, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M, Dell M4500.

Chris Weiler
Independent Contractor, Mechanical Design Services
Goffstown, NH

Forgot to say - WIN XP 64

Anthony R. Benitez

Senior Mechanical Designer

Drafting Supervisor

Applied Research Laboratories

The University of Texas at Austin

My guess is it is the cut of the driver. I do not have this problem. I have a Dell laptop M6400 Win7 64Ultimate with a Quadro FX 2700. My driver is from the Sept-Oct 2010 time frame. I will look up the actual numbers but I have not had a need to update the driver, because it works. Also a co-worker has been evaluating a dell and he has not spoken of a problem, his driver is very old. His driver is dated 12/16/2009 version running a FX3500M

I would try an older driver.


I've got a Dell T3500 with Win7 Ultimate and Quadro 2000. I had no problems at first, then I added a second monitor. After that I started getting Pro/E black screens, also had problems with dialog boxes for family table instances and simplified reps not showing up. I poked around and found the nView had been turned on during the second monitor configuration. I turned nView off and everything is working fine once again. I've had problems on previous computers with nView affecting Pro/E so I strongly recommend you turn it off.

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