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Geom check error message


Geom check error message

Non manifold geometry may have been created Analyze

We have figured out (or guessed) that the underlined word should in fact be "HIGHLIGHTED" and not "hilited"

Any help appreciated,

WF 3.0


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Non-manifold geometry is usually due to co-incident surface patches that
have the surface normals pointing in opposite directions. I haven't
done this in pro-e but you should be able to investigate and flip
normals as needed. Maybe in IDD?

The other thing is that the surfaces may all pinch to a point

Just my $.02,

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317

Debra Miller,

There are some interesting answers online to this question. I just Googled

Someone has mentioned that "non-manifold" geometry refers to the idea that
the surface geometry cannot be laid out in one continuous surface. The
example that they gave was that of an hourglass. If you "pinched" the area
in the middle until it came to a vertex or one single point it would create
two separate bodies of geometry with one shared point.

I am under the impression that there "may" be overlapping surfaces in your
part. Or there "may" be a knick that needs to be repaired. Try working with
the geometry that you have and use some of the suggested resolution tools
available to you. Without seeing the part in question I am guessing that
there is a surface mesh issue. Take a closer look at your feature creation
geometry to see if there are no issues.

Michael P. Locascio

This is also VERY GOOD input. The best course of action is make sure that
you do not have superfluous surfaces and that your surfaces are sewn
together (merged is the correct term) properly.

Michael P. Locascio

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