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Installing ProE on a new computer with Windows 7.txt


Installing ProE on a new computer with Windows 7.txt

1. Get a new Pro Engineer License for a new computer



> Login with your webaccount

> SUPPORT > Global Support Services > Customer Support Guide

> Licensing - tab

> Modify license configuration

> click on 'PTC Support Website'

> Add Pro Engineer to your eSupport portal.

> Click on 'Reconfigure Software Licenses'

> Fill out the form

> You will receive two emails, download the 'standart' license file and rename to 'license.dat'

> For installation use the standart license (floating license)

2. Install Flexlm Server and Pro Engineer on your new computer


3. Reconfigure the Flexlm installation for Windows 7


The PTC Flexlm server will not be able to startup after installation

I found the sollution to this problem on this website:

On Windows 7, the license server does not start when configured to run as a service. You may receive one of the following error messages:

    "The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."

    "The FLEXlm License manager does not respond in a timely manner."

    "Server Start Failed. The Server May Already Be Running!"

    "StartService: unknown error."

However, starting the license manager via the command line does work. This is caused by lmgrd.exe which does not completely comply with the requirements for a service running on Windows 7.

To solve this:

    go to

    download lmgrd for Microsoft Windows 32-bit, x86.

    rename the existing lmgrd.exe to something else, and put the new lmgrd.exe instead

Now you should be able to start the license server using the Services Control Panel of Windows 7.

To be able to use LMTOOLS to control the license server, you'll need to update LMTOOLS as well:

    go to

    download lmtools for Microsoft Windows 32-bit, x86.

    rename the existing lmtools.exe to something else, and put the new lmtools.exe instead

Note: the 32-bits version of lmgrd and lmtools work fine on Windows 7 64-bit.

4. Install the Pro Engineer software on your computer


* configuring Pro Engineer client

CLick on 'Add' license server by giving HostID of the FLexlm - server.

Notice that the Flexlm server can be installed on a different computer.

5. Possible errors when trying to start up Pro Engineer after installation


* Desired vendor daemon is down (-97, 121)

The problem is that there are possible multiple network devices with different MAC-adresses.

Flexlm will use the device with the lowest number in the register.

You can change this by renaming the devices.

Start > cmd > regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards

Open PTC licence server tools, 'reread licence file', start. Server should be running now.

* PTC Flexnet ERROR: -15

Firewall issues

This thread is inactive and closed by the PTC Community Management Team. If you would like to provide a reply and re-open this thread, please notify the moderator and reference the thread. You may also use "Start a topic" button to ask a new question. Please be sure to include what version of the PTC product you are using so another community member knowledgeable about your version may be able to assist.

I have not had issues with FlexLM on Win 7 64 bit.  I have had significant problems with the server timing out.

The license manager is installed 1st during the install process.  You can drag and drop the license when prompted.  Once the install is complete, Creo boots up fine.  I install with the All Users option.

Three issues I have seen:

  • The "update from web" fails (Creo 1.0 F001 to M010) ... which was the last time I tried that.
  • The CPU_ID tool fails to find the physical LAN card MAC_ID and instead finds the local router.
  • The order of the network adapters in the registry was incorrect.  My physical address was #2 and the wireless was #13... the "13" was seen as "1".

Since my installation is a single workstation, customer service opted to install an older WF version of FlexLM.  This has been working great!  I just have to remember to uninstall the latest version each time I update the software since it ignores the installed version.

I don't know if your issues with FlexLM are 32 bit specific.  I hope that this has been reported to PTC and that they will do something about it.  With the help of CS, my issues seem to be fixed for the time being. 

I recommend having CS on the line any time you first install the software.

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