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Instance Accelerators & PDMlink


Instance Accelerators & PDMlink

Anyone have any experience with Instance Accelerator files and how they work with PDMLink?

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For those who may not know, an accelerator is an image of a family table instance so Creo doesn't have to recreate the image it by regenerating the instance when opening a file .

Until recently I had not paid attention to them in PDMLink. We had part made wrong and tracked the problem back to instance accelerators.

Default is for them to be made and are handled as secondary content behind the scenes. In our case, a family table instance was used on a drawing and the publisher used an outdated accelerator when generating the PDF. There are a couple of config setting which control when they are made and now there is a hidden config setting which will block the use of an outdated accelerator (CS96100 - use_outdated_accelerator).

Related PTC articles: CS125175, CS136834, TPI115338, CS32596 & CS96100.

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