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Intermittent License Request Failed for Feature error that is now persistent


Intermittent License Request Failed for Feature error that is now persistent

When I purchased my software I was told that it could be installed on a desktop and on my laptop to be used in either place but not simultaneously.  I have followed that rule but I started to get the error License Request Failed for feature sometimes when I tried to use Creo on my laptop at home.  I ensured that Creo wasn't already running on my desktop and tried again on my laptop and it worked.  When I took it home and tried to open it I got the error again.  Now I get the error every time and cannot use Creo on my laptop.  Any help would be much appreciated.  I am trying to run Creo Parametric 2.0



I guess that you own 1 license and this license is installed on desktop network card.

If laptop and desktop are connected via LAN at work, then you can launch Creo on laptop.

When you take laptop home, then it lost connection to desktop and therefore you cannot launch Creo on laptop.

Solution no.1

Connect your laptop from home via Internet using VPN software to your desktop.

Solution no.2

Borrow license before you go home.


Martin Hanák

This works for Windows 7 - not sure about 10. Not sure this is your problem but it's worth checking.

Laptop Install Installing on a laptop or other machine with multiple NIC cards. There are two common problems you will run into when trying to license to a laptop.


Windows will disable the NIC card if it’s not plugged into a network. This is called media sensing


Since you likely have a wireless card and a hardwire NIC, there can be confusion between them. Media Sensing Add this registry setting: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\ Name: DisableDHCPMediaSense Data type: REG_DWORD (Boolean) Value: 1

Laptop Install – NIC sort order The PTC_HOSTID must be derived from the Physical Address of a network card installed on the machine

The network card from which the PTC_HOSTID was derived must be enabled but need not be connected to an active network

Change the priority of desired network card Open the Windows registry editor by running regedit from a command prompt or the Windows "Run" Menu. Expand the following key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkCards

This key will contain numbered folders corresponding to all of the network cards installed on the machine

Locate the desired folder by matching the "Description" field in the Registry Editor to the "Description" line from the ipconfig /all output for the desired network card

Rename this folder to number 1

Close the registry editor

Restart the machine

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