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IpfcSolid.Regenerate() throws an exception IpfcXtoolkitBadContext


IpfcSolid.Regenerate() throws an exception IpfcXtoolkitBadContext

Does anybody else find it odd that IpfcSolid.Regenerate() does not support WF5 default no-resolve mode.

The following is a snippet from the documentation.


Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 introduces the No-Resolve mode, wherein if a model and feature regeneration fails,
failed features and children of failed features are created and regeneration of other features continues. However,
VB API does not support regeneration in this mode. The method IpfcSolid.Regenerate() throws an exception
IpfcXtoolkitBadContext, if Creo Elements/Pro is running in the No-Resolve mode. To continue with the Pro/
ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 behavior in the Resolve mode, set the configuration option
regen_failure_handling to resolve_mode in the Creo Elements/Pro session.

Note: Setting the configuration option to switch to Resolve mode ensures the old behavior as long as you do not retrieve the models saved under the No-Resolve mode. To consistently preserve the old behavior, use Resolve mode from the beginning and throughout your Creo Elements/Pro session.


Is it basically saying that the vb api toolkit should not be used during standard user sessions of Pro/E? Is there a different command that will regenerate the model after it has been changed in default no-resolve mode?


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there is no other command that I know, but you can use the config option.

Check if WF 5 or not on your preffered way.


SetConfigOption("regen_failure_handling", "RESOLVE_MODE");


if errors regenerate again

if errors regenerate again

ResetConfigOption("regen_failure_handling", "NO_RESOLVE_MODE");

finished. : )

Best Regards,


thank you

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