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Is it possible to install PTC view Express on my USB key ?


Is it possible to install PTC view Express on my USB key ?

Hi, I wanna know if we can intall view express on my USB key, because I wanna show one of my project at school and I don't know how to do it. So , is its possible, how can I install it.

thank you a lot for your help


You probably can but you may need to request a separate license if it's tied to your host ID like Creo Parametric is.
Your School probably blocks you from installing there but worst case scenario if it's tied to the host ID of your machine the license location is stored in the PTC Software's registry area and you'll not have access to that.

One Way to know for sure is to try and see, I'd like to hear about whether or not you can do it. I'm going to try it myself and see for sure.

Good Luck


If it doesn't work I'd suggest just exporting 3d PDFs of your Parts and or Assembly

checking my home machine it seems there is no license file for free or express version but the registry data is probably needed

regedit exported data for Product View which was it's original name just like xtop.exe is the ProE Creo original executable name.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



"InstallationPath"="C:\\Program Files\\CAD\\CREO\\View.creo\\"





creoview express may be something like


"InstallationPath"="F:\\Program Files\\USB_Installation_Directory\\"


And may not require licensing from what I've gathered.

Download Website for anyone without an install of the express version.


I've checked my above post and have a final answer.


You can easily do this. When I went to Install on my flash drive I was shown a Repair Install screen as it was already on my PC.

Instead of Uninstalling like an untrained Tech Support person does when they don't know what's wrong, I just located the Install Directory in Program Files and Copied it to my flash drive and it runs without problems when launched off the Flash Drive


Aborted Install and just copied the Entire Install Directory tree to my flash drive.

Navigated to the bin directory and launched the Application Executable pvexpress.exe

Since there is no license file requirement for Creo View Express you do not need access to the registry except for the Open With Shell data used to tie it to file types it can open.


The date modified shows my custom setting for "YY- mm.dd" because I know it's the 21st century


P.S. If you try it on a machine w/o ProdViewExpress already installed you may be able to browse to your USB to choose it as an install folder. If not you can just copy the entire install directory to your flash drive as I did in this step as shown in image 2.

Thank you very much, it will be useful for me to present the 3d model I did to my classmates. I will try to install it like you said. Thank you again !

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