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Issue with purge


Issue with purge

Hi I have some proe files in my local drive. It contains many versions i.e cam.prt.1, cam.prt.2, cam.prt.3 so on.

Can anybody help me to make purge. need to delete old versions.

In previous proe versions I can easily purge the folder but in Creo parametric 2.0 I'm struggling to do it. kindly help thanks

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Re: Issue with purge


Re: Issue with purge

I use a program called SPurge.exe that you can tell it to delete all but the last # of versions. (I have mine set to leave the last 4 versions).

When I am done purging, my file may be:




part.prt 126

All version before .123 were erased.

I hope that this helps and by the way, welcome to the furom.

Thanks, Dale

Re: Issue with purge

Many Thanks, Can you help me to elobarate your answer.

How to implement "program called SPurge.exe". Sorry I dont get idea in this

Re: Issue with purge

Re: Issue with purge


Yes It works fine, Removed all old versions.




Re: Issue with purge

Hi Dale,

We were talking about trying out the Spekan Purge today and were looking to see where we could find this.

I tried the link you provided but there are 3 "Download" choices and in trying a couple of these I'm getting the idea that this isn't getting to the the right place.

If you look at my attachment, the "Download" labeled 2 appears to be the correct choice, but it takes you to a different language site that doesn't have an option for Spekan Purge.

By the way; we met you and talked you briefly at the SMUG meeting about Spekan Purge.


It would be quite helpful if you or someone else could point us towards the actual download. Perhaps the link isn't active anymore.

Re: Issue with purge

Here is a site that I am finding that I trust:

When you click on the DOWNLOAD NOW after the Spekan Purge - , it bring up a window with do you want to save Spurge_2.3.exe.

I am currently running 2.3

Thanks, Dale

Re: Issue with purge

Thank you Dale.

I'm assuming that 2.3 will work with Creo?

That does look like a more reliable site but the version is a little outdated from 3.3.

Re: Issue with purge

It works outside (independent) of the Pro/E or Creo software, so I don't see why it wouldn't.

Still works.

It just a simple tool.

If try a higher version, let me know how it works.

Re: Issue with purge

Very good.

I'll try the 2.3 version then.

Thank you!

Re: Issue with purge

Re: Issue with purge

It looks like the links have changed again:

Sign Up [Download uTools]

Log In [Download uTools]

Re: Issue with purge

A million years ago, me and some people in the Pro/E newsgroup came up with a batch file that deletes files you don't want, and then calls the Pro/E purge.bat and does a normal purge. and then I have that setup in the right-click context menu so when going through directories in Windows Explorer I can purge quick and easy.

From what I can tell it's very similar to Olaf's purge tool.

I have not used the Spekan tool for years, so not sure how it runs today.

I can paste the batch file if anyone wants it.


Re: Issue with purge

Yes please can you paste the batch file and kindly explain how to create pro/purge. Thanks

Curious to see how it works!!!

Re: Issue with purge

This is the code in the batch file, just cut/paste this into Notepad and edit it for your information and then save it, then rename it with a .bat file extension.

The lines with "echo del", the del is DELETE , and it's a hard delete, everything with those extensions is gone when you run the batch file, so edit that area, take out things you want to keep or add other file extensions if you have other things you want to delete.

Adding items to the context menu is adding some lines in your registry and some people are not comfortable with that, so I am not going to describe that here, also because there are countless guides on how to do it already. So you can Google "add item to context menu background" and there are guides for that, the key part of the registry entry is the "background" entry if you want to be able to right click any where in the current window and purge it.

And/or you can check out Olaf's tool, I am pretty sure his installer writes to the registry for you. But you don't have the delete options, it all depends on what/how you want to purge.

CD "%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9"

echo y | del *.crc.*

echo y | del *.log.*

echo y | del *.m_p.*

echo y | del *.ger.*

echo y | del *.inf.*

echo y | del *.lst.*

echo y | del *.bak

echo y | del *.out

echo y | del *.acc

echo y | del *.plt

echo y | del *log.xml

"C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 2.0\Parametric\bin\purge.bat"

Re: Issue with purge

I use this creo purge of these sites in the Utilities tab