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License request failed for feature


License request failed for feature

Using Creo 1.0 with the Flexnet license server:

(-15) Cannot connect to license server system.

I see several previous posts about this problem, but not necessarily the (-15) code. I've been using Creo for about a year and a half, and just recently, every time I open Creo, the license server is down again. Most times, we can get it back running, but only after logging onto the company server, and restarting the license server. Occasionally it happens DURING a session, as well.

I went to open a support case for this issue, but found that I couldn't due to our "maintenance" contract being complete. I'm very dissatisfied with the maintenance requirement for Creo. I'm the only person in our medium-sized business that uses the software, once or twice a month. It's ridiculous that we have to pay over $1000/year for "maintenance." I didn't call once, and opened one case online last year, which I never got adequate help for. Had to go to the reseller for help with that issue instead. So what did the required "maintenance" get me? Absolutely nothing. But I diverge.

I'd really just like to have my license server run more consistently. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


I make sure I get my money's worth by always sending in a support case when something is not acting right. Of course, I also pay for that by being woke up at 6:00am with a bunch of questions I already wrote in the case file. then again, I do need the software to work properly so maintenance does get me the bug fix releases, and only if I'm lucky, a new release. The timing this time around isn't that fortunate since they moved the Creo 3 target -after- I paid maintenance. So I hear you on this, Chris. When I had a -real- job, I too avoided CS issues in favor of just getting on with life in cubicle 7734.

As to the server, what is your status? What CS did for me is to move me to a local license server. They downgraded it to a WF version that was a lot more stable running on my workstation. they also messed with my registry to make sure my network card was properly identified (did you 13 came before 2 in M$oft's world?).

I know you don't need maintenance for license management, but I doubt you can get access to the downgrade LM software without maintenance. What I find to be the primary culprit in the license server issues is sleep mode on the PC (or server). I have to keep Creo running when I put the computer to sleep so it can recover its license. Even then, it fails sometimes and I have to reboot.

Are you the only person in the company running the software? You could try moving the license to your machine. You can re-install the license server form the original disks and obtain a new license file from PTC with a bit of paperwork. Again, no maintenance should be required to manage licenses.

Hi Chris,

Uh huh on maintenance. We have had good help from our reseller rather than PTC itself.

Anyhow not sure if it is possible but maybe you can change your licence server to being on your own machine.

You say you are the only one using it then it makes perfect sense to have the licence server on your own workstation. If there was another person they could access the licence server on your machine assuming it is on the network. Now the tricky part. Not sure if you can request as licence server change if you are outside maintenance as the request for this is on the support page.

If company policy is that all licences must be on a specific server then I am sorry but I do not have any suggestions. Previously on the central server we used for some licences we had the very occasional glitch and need to restart the server but this might have been a couple of times a year.

Regards. Brent


personally I do not like FLEXnet 11 available on Creo 1.0 DVD. If you have ProE WF5 DVD containing FLEXnet 10.8, then I suggest to uninstall FLEXnet 11 and install FLEXnet 10.8.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák
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