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Modifying Defaults


Modifying Defaults

I am trying to change some of the settings in so that every time I open Creo the defaults are permanently changed to my specifications. I want the model display to be 'shading with edges' defaulted (I believe I found that within under the 'display' -> shadewithedges). Also, on the Model Tree -> Tools dropdown -> Tree Filters I would like all of the boxes under Display (on the left side) to be checked every time I open Creo. I have added a picture of the Tree Filters for better understanding. Finally, I want radial_pattern_axis_circle to default "yes". Is there a way to modify to meet these needs?




Make required changes in config option and place that config in Creo Start in directory or in Home drive of machine. 

For Model tree filters, check all boxed and save tree configuration file (tree.cfg), set config option mdl_tree_cfg_file with value as saved tree cfg file. 


After making changes in configuration options use export to save



Creo loads confg files in the following order:


  1. config.sup (a special config file whose options cannot be overwritten) from the text folder in the installation directory.
  2. from the text folder in the installation directory.
  3. from the user's home directory as defined by Windows environment variable
  4. from the start up directory as defined by the "Start In" field for the icon used to launch Creo

Place your file in one of those locations and Creo will load it every time.  Personally, except for the config.sup, if you need one, I'd avoid saving to the installation folders.


For the model tree, you need to set the model tree as you want it and then save a model tree config file. In the model tree click the hammer & wrench icon and select "Save Settings File". Then add the config option "mdl_tree_cfg_file" with the full path to the file.

Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Thank you! Do I do the same for a drawing default option change? I want to have radial_pattern_axis_circle defaulted to 'yes' instead of 'no'. So I would change to 'yes', save the configuration and then add the path to

radial_pattern_axis_circle is a drawing option. You can change this to yes in template which will carry forward in drawings created using that template. 

I have changed the setting to yes for radial_pattern_axis_circle while in the template. When I tested to see if it works, I close out of creo and reopen it, create a simple model and create a drawing (using the same template where I modified the radial_pattern_axis_circle), but it does not seem to stay. It seems to use the defaulted "no". After making the change to yes, I still need to change the drawing_setup_file to the saved .dtl file, correct?

Change in drawing option will work for drawings created using same template without changing drawing option file. make sure that you are changing the option in template file and saving that at same location (location define for config option template_drawing)

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