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Need to use my ProEngineer Student Edition software on a newly bought laptop


Need to use my ProEngineer Student Edition software on a newly bought laptop

Dear personel,
I bought the ProEngineer student edition
around 2010 for more than $319.00. I still have
it. I installed and used it on an older laptop.
But i have not used the laptop for 7 years. Now,
I just opened the same laptop and tried to lunch
the software. But the software cannot retrieve
the license file. Any way I have a new laptop
and i need to install and use the software on it
because the other laptop is too old and heavy. I
tried to obtain a new license file for the new 
laptop. But the PTC website returned a message to
me that the product code is already registered
for the maximum numbers of licences. I cannot get 
another license for the new laptop. That makes no
sense. I don't use the old laptop because 
it's damaged and too old, i should be able to use
the software on a new laptop because I bought and
paid for it. It's mine. It's the same as my car. 
My car license plate is locked to my car VIN number.
But if i need a new licence plate to keep using my 
car, will i have to have a new car because the VIN
number (which is the car product code) cannot be 
transferred to a new license plate. Too be clear here,
will i have to buy a new car whenever i need to change
to a new license plate? I only have to pay a small fee
at the DMV to change my registration. But I don't get 
to buy a new car for thousands of dollars. I bought 
the software and it's mine. There should be no 
limitation on the number of laptops i can installed it
on. I may have to pay a small fee to obtain a different
license for a different laptop. It should not be 
acceptable for the company to limit my use of a product
that i bought. I didn't rent it or lease it. 
I bought it. I, please, need a reply back because i
still need to install the software on my new laptop.
It is preferable to call me at my number below so 
that i can provide more details of what i need.
Thanx in advance!
23-Emerald II

YOU need to call PTC and explain your situation.

No one on the community can do anything towards getting you a license.

This web page may help:

23-Emerald IV

23-Emerald II

You do not 'OWN' the software! Read the license agreement. You only purchased the right to use the software on a single computer.

There are procedures for uninstalling the software from one computer and moving the license to a new computer.

These may not be the same for the student edition.


BTW, if you are a student, you can get the latest Creo edition for almost nothing. Why are you using software that is 8 years old!



The software you bought has been retired and it is no longer supported by PTC.

You have the option if you are still a student (the student edition of software is limited to the status of being a student), you can purchase the new Creo 5.0 from our




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