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New Computer for Pro/E


New Computer for Pro/E


We set up a temp here with a ridiculously slow computer. So we have
to buy him a new one. Has anyone bought good computers for running Pro
lately. I'm looking for the best value for my dollar, not the fastest
computer known to man. Thanks group.

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I would recommend the "hand me down" method... Unless you have very
RECENT systems for all your "non-temp" workers. Otherwise, buy
YOURSELF, or one of the other "non-temp" workers a new system with
updated specs and give the temp your old systems. IMHO, workstations
keep increasing in speed while decreasing in cost... PLUS, a fair
portion of the cost is the same between a "good" and "great "system"...
case, power supply, hard drives...

I would look at the OCCUS benchmark results and see where your current
systems rank out, then see what you can get from HP or DELL... We
lease our systems and I'm given "test" systems that I run the OCCUS
benchmark on every year or so. Typically, I see a 15 to 25% INCREASE in
performance over systems only a few years old. We just recently tested
an i7 that ran 15% faster than my current 1 year old duoCore2 AND that
IT says is essentially the same price...


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326

5-Regular Member

Before deciding to use the "hand me down" method, why don't you find out what the temp is going to be doing?
If the temp is a Pro/E expert and is going to be working in a high RAM-CPU Pro/E task, then I'll give him the fastest machine.
If the temp is a low end user, them give him a low end workstation.

Ronnie Shand

(P.S. It's Intralink, not Interlink)

I'd disagree about the "just give the temp the old machine" suggestion. What if he/she is working on the top level assembly of a thousand part assembly? Same goes for giving it to the most senior person or to the "favorite". I spent many years as a small companies system admin in addition to my design work, and I could have kept the best machine all the time but it just didn't make sense. Sorry, just my two cents.

Rob Reifsnyder
Mechanical Design Engineer/ Pro/E Librarian
Mission Systems & Sensors (MS2)
497 Electronics Parkway
Liverpool, NY 13088
EP5-Quad2, Cube 281

I agree with you Rob, always target the machine at the person who will
get the most benefit e.g. largest models, or working on time critical
projects. Then cascade the older PCs to other users with graduates and
apprentices getting the oldest PCs (unless they are working on critical

Ian Turner

CAD Manager

Cobham Mission Equipment

Yes, that's a good point... I didn't consider that, or sort of assumed
everyone was doing "roughly" the same work... ALSO, I assume we are not
talking the difference between the latest i7 and a 386! We tend to
have pretty solid systems here, so the difference between top and bottom
isn't all that great. BUT, a new system coming in the door WILL,
typically, be better than our older systems, hence we play a bit of
"hand me down"... no temps or contractors, but plenty of guys only
doing detail drawing work.

Oh, and no worries about disagreeing with me... I do it often too! 😉
Everyone has opinions. No worries, mate.


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV, Inc.
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI., 48326

23-Emerald II

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Is the person a temp who does part-time Pro/E work or a contractor who is expected to make Pro/E dance?

As others have said, give your newest, fastest machines to those who will take advantage of the power.
Trickle down the machines as you add new ones.

A contractor who expect to make Pro/E dance for you, needs to have the best machine you can give them. You are paying a premium on their wages, so you might as well get the most from them.

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