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OCUS Benchmark Test Error


OCUS Benchmark Test Error

Wildfire 4.0 M170, operating system Windows 7 sp1

Tech support wants to be able to have some kind measured improvement for upgrades. Irecommended tomy IT guys the OCUS benchmark mark test.

We are having trouble getting the test to run, Pro E will exit and the last lines in the file will read as:

!Command ProCmdModelNewExe was pushed from the software.
~ FocusIn `dwg_create` `inp_model_name`
~ Activate `dwg_create` `psh_browse`
< 2 0.118519 178 0 0 100 1680 0 0 1050 13
~ Trail `UI Desktop` `UI Desktop` \
~ Select `file_open` `Ph_list.Filelist` \
~ Activate `file_open` `Ph_list.Filelist` \
!%CEERROR: Trail file out of sequence at line 20890.
!End of Trail File

We also tried Windows XP 32 bit and 64 bit with the same result.

Anybodyknow what this error means?


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Of coarse Olaf is the master when it comes to issues with the Benchmark that
he created, however, I have run the Benchmark many many time on many
different machines. Without knowing exactly what is happening on your
system I can only say that every time I have ever encountered an error in
the OCUS test is because I had some call to a personal config file that I
forgot to turn off. In other words, there error was with me, not with the
OCUS Benchmark. The Benchmark is very sensitive to any personal
configuration options.

I have always had my best luck (and best performance scores) when I have:
Clean (local) install of Pro/E.
Fresh unzip of the OCUS benchmark files in a separate directory.
Then in the OCUS directory I create a simple batch file that sets my Pro/E
install path, and contains a startup command that calls to the OCUS trail
file like below...

I just got test results back this morning, and it perfomed poorly. We were starting from the Pro E directory, so it was not using Olaf Corten's config files.

We were testing a 64 bit system with a Quadro 2000, we have 32 bit systems to test as well. This help us make good decisions for hardware upgrades. Thanks Olaf Corten for this test.


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