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PVVERCHECK_IE issues with Creo View and PDMLink


PVVERCHECK_IE issues with Creo View and PDMLink


For those that were at PTC Live Global and the PTC Technical Committees
that immediately followed, we discussed the issues with the software called that is a browser plug-in which is installed with

When you navigate in PDMLink to any thumbnail, it checks the current build
and version of Creo View or ProductView that is install on your computer
with the one that is loaded in the Windchill installation. The user has to
select one of the links shown in the image below in order to continue to
open the viewable in Creo View.

These are the issues with that program

1. It makes our users elevate their rights on their computer to install.
2. It only checks to see if you are using the EXACT same build and version
that is loaded in the Windchill PDMLink installation.
3. Even if the build and version on your computer is NEWER, it still asks
you if you want to download a newer version (see image below)

Here is an easy fix to disable

1. Navigate to <windchill>\codebase\wtcore\jsp\wvs\downloadon your
Windchill server
2. Rename or delete the following sub-folders:
i486_nt_ie andx86e_win64_ie - for Internet Explorer users
i486_nt_ns - for Mozilla Firefox users

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The very last slide in the appendix in my Creo Admin 102 talk had this workaround, and these documents from PTC that you can reference:

This is what PTC has to say about this: see CS27008,CS62951,& CS31709
The pvvercheck_ie.ocx ActiveX:
* This is a small program used for checking that the currently installed client release and datecode is not older than the one available for installation from the Windchill Server
* Launches the client upgrade prompt when a newer release is available
* Only installed by automatic download from the Windchill server through a file called located in platform specific sub-folders i486_nt_ie and x86e_win64_ie under the <wt_home>\codebase\wtcore\jsp\jsp\download folder
* This is not vital for displaying 3D Thumbnails in most cases


David Haigh
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