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Perplexed - legacy data; Graphics Library


Perplexed - legacy data; Graphics Library

I'm perplexed about something and thought I'd share it here in case we get some interest by PTC to correct the shortcoming.


DATA! Old, stale, legacy data to be exact.

For those of us on maintenance, we are entitled to all the software from the past Pro/E installs.

I went to the download site to find some stuff I know I had back in Pro/E 2000i

After some searching I made it back to an FTP site with dead links.

I was looking for the 2000i Graphics Library disk, or at least an install that would work on today's machines. I have the old disk but it requires NT and wouldn't even think about booting on my Windows 7 64 bit machine.

So I broke down and fired up the coals to boot the NT4 machine and there I found a complete folder with the enhanced Graphics Library. A wealth of data no longer included in Creo that I could find. Even with my Maintenance up to date, I cannot obtain this data online.

So this is an open call to PTC to compile the old texture/image files, the room and lighting files, and, in general, bring back all those old graphic library data-sets and either include it on the next release of Creo or provide a well published location for these files so we can have a bit of fun with our tool.

...and if they are already available, tell me what I did wrong to exclude them from the install or what did I do wrong to not find them online?

I'm being reasonable in this request, don't you think?

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BTW: this is the dead link page. See if you can make it work.

The password is below the links. You need Maintenance to get ot this I think.

I tried a link and it wasn't dead for me........came up with an FTP windows asking for a username and password. I tried my user/pass from PTC Support and it did not work.



Now I see what the user/pass bottom of page.

Hi Antonius...

Are these files different than the ones provided in the graphic-library folder in the "Common Files" directory of Creo? The directory would be something like C:\Program Files\PTC\Creo 1.0\Common Files\M020\graphic-library?

I'm just asking because I don't recall what was in those libraries back then. I remember having to run that blasted TX3 converter on all textures though. Yuck!

Please let us know if you find anything!



Indeed, there is probably 3-4 times as many textures and rooms than today. I salvaged them from my 2000i load on my NT machine. Seems everyone with maintenance should be entitled to all the graphics library files that were introduced over the years.

I would tend to agree... maybe Dan Marotta can chime in. If someone were to zip these files and upload them, would that be allowed? (If he doesn't see this thread on his own I'll send an email).



Here is an image of the folder structure as I pulled it from my NT machine.

Note 260MB comprised of 363 files! Most texture files are TX3 and TX4 textures.



I actually have many of these in my texture library already. Some have been moved to sub-directories, though. But by my count I have 246 files in 35 folders at 106MB which is far less than yours. This seems like data that should be readily available. I'll write to Dan and ask about it.

Thanks Antonius!


True, you have many of the folders but the 2000i has much more under each texture folder.

I don't know how to make a comprehensive list but when I look in Brick... I have 1 file under Creo 2.0 and 10 files under 2000i. Metal is 6 vs 12; Stone is 18 vs 30; Wood is 7 vs 23... etc. The texture folder alone accounts for 304 files at 208MB in 2000i compared to the default install of 68MB at 226 files. The count discrepancy can have to do with the Bump files and Image files having been separated in the Creo.

I'd be happy to zip these up and share them if given permission. I would rather PTC put them together from all versions and make a comprehensive update for the graphics library.