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Piping Updates in Creo Elements Pro 5 Build M090


Piping Updates in Creo Elements Pro 5 Build M090


I would like to take this opportunity to make you aware of some
important changes made to Piping Design in build M090

If you have any questions on the functionality then I am confident
technical support will be able to offer some assistance



Changes Available in Creo Elements Pro Build M090


Problem Statement

When naming pipe solids and assemblies piping design uses a naming
convention defined by the user via a option. However there
is no ability to set the naming convention to use the Windchill naming
convention forcing the user to manually overwrite the auto generated
piping name with the name generated by Windchill.


Pipe solids:
Mechanical Piping
Configuration option pipe_solid_label_format default /auto
"Auto" means using standard naming convention (auto numbering of
Windchill or prt####).

Default = non defined value and system will use hard code naming format

spec driven:

Configuration option pipe_solid_label_format default /auto
"Auto" means using standard naming convention (auto numbering of
Windchill or prt####).

Default = non defined value and system will use hard code naming format

UI Change

If auto is set, then the label displayed under solid name should be

If option is "pipeline" then segment name in the UI is available.

If option id "segments" then the segment solid name will be displayed.

Solid name panel is available in both option for user defined prefix.

Sub assembly:

Same as solids. There's no config for mechanical piping

In spec driven using the config pipeline_assembly_name_format. Auto,
default or user defined

"default" means using the pipeline_name as the sub assembly name
"auto" means using standard naming convention (asm0001..).

"user Defined" user can add their own prefix

Note: Name is always editable thus user can manually override settings

Piping parameters

Problem Statement

Piping parameters such as OD, Stock, Size etc are stored in the pipe
centerline meaning they are not stored in the pipe solid *.prt file.
When the pipe solids are checked into Windchill there are no attributes
thus it is very difficult to investigate and search for the pipe solids
and generate detailed BOM's.


The parameters Length, Segfrom /to, Sockno, Grade, Section Type, Shape,
OD, Wall Thickness, Bend Arc Threshold, Wt_len, X section type,
Rectangular height, width and angle, Bend table name, Specification,
Size, Schedule, MCCS, Id, Pressure, and Work Pressure will be added to
newly created solid parts during the pipe solid regeneration, and
updated upon any regeneration. Only relevant linestock parameters will
be set (e.g. when changing a solid from rectangular to circular, then
the parameter RECTANGULAR_HEIGHT will be deleted).

The parameters will be locked as they will be overwritten at each
regeneration, thus a user change are irrelevant.

The source type of the parameters should be "Piping" for the parameters
of the linestock feature (available in std hose project).

For "Length" and "Seg from/to" which are calculated for drawing tables
or info require new parameters





Material Information

Problem Statement

Piping design uses its own material information, which contains less
information than the material definition file which is used by the rest
of Creo.


Enable the ability to use the standard Creo Material file which is used
by other applications in Creo to ensure customers can standardize their
material library to a single location and that the information within
the material file is available within PDMLink.

A new linestock parameter to hold the name of the material file and add
a browse button to allow the user to browse to a material file

default value = Empty string

Linestock UI change to support this parameter:

(existing parameter "MATERIAL" is used in spec driven for a material

With the introduction of the material library there are now two sources
for the density (material file or weight/length). This will enable the
user to be able to calculate a dry weight using the material file and a
wet weight using the weight/length entry. To control the source data a
new configuration option has been introduced.

If the material file is not longer available upon solid regeneration the
material parameter will become UNASSIGNED.
If the material information is updated (new file or changes to the file)
the material parameter will be updated upon solid regeneration

Configuration option piping_material_source

weight_length (default)


Description - Set the source for material information. Note Material_dir
requires pro_material_dir to be set

Spec changes:

Since a material can vary according to schedule and size (specifically
in flexible hoses), it will also be possible to set the material file in
mcat file. for e.g: text/piping_data/master_catalog/pipe/pipe_steel.ptd

The system will look for the material file in mcat file
(pipe/pipe_steel) or in piping_material.ptd (by that order). If value of
the material file is missing, then old behavior will be used.

In the material file the column name will be MATL_FILE

If column is missing or value of a cell is missing, then old behavior
(i.e. no material is assigned to the part).

Units: units are kept in the material file itself. It seems we do not
have to define the units in our spec db.

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