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ProEngineer Wildfire 4/IntraLink network deployment


ProEngineer Wildfire 4/IntraLink network deployment

Hello everybody,

our IT department would like to deploy several machines with ProEngineer and ProIntralink. Unfortunately those two provided switches are not satisfying. Talking about setup.exe -uilog and setup.exe -uitrail <install-unattended.txt>.

What did I do?

  1. Created a custom install for PTC ProEngineer Wildfire 4
  2. Copied the files to a network share
  3. Run the setup.exe -uilog from the network share
  4. Renamed the output-file of the -uilog to install-unattended.txt
  5. Resetted the virtual (test) machine (Win 7 x64 up-to-date)
  6. Run the setup.exe -uitrail install-unattended.txt
  7. Waited ages and stated that the installation will not run any further somewhere after I put in the names of the network license servers (triade)
  8. Resetted the virtual test machine
  9. Retried to run the setup.exe -uitrail ... again
  10. This time it stopped somewhere at the beginning of the installation process (copying files)
  11. ...
  12. Right now there is no reliable deployment possible the way I did it

Our issue is that there is that the ProE installation with the trail-file doesn't work completely because the Java Runtime Environment is not captured in the whole uilog-Capture-process. So I deactivated the module but sometime the installation still just stops at within the setup.

  1. How can I check the reason why the installation did not run through completely? Any (setup) log, anywhere?
  2. Did you notice any errors according to run the installation?

I'd be glad to get some help because the users should get and test the new Windows 7 x64 with ProE and ProI soon.


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