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ProMdlRetrieve when object not in workspace


ProMdlRetrieve when object not in workspace

Im testing my apps for upgrade from WF3 to Wildfire5. In WF3 it seems
ProMdlRetrieve would open a file that was not in your WS. I have the
same config options set in WF5 that I used in wf3. Basically what Im
doing is that I have the model is in session, and trying to open the
drawing using ProMdlRetrieve. WF5 simply will not retrieve the files
if its not in the WS. Is there a new config setting? I do not want
to checkout the objects, they will not be modified.
Use ProMdlLoad? You can specify in CS, but you must specify the
folder. I will not know the folder at the time.

Thanks ,
Mark Steffke

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Hi Mark
I have only experience with J-Link, but maybe you can use this.
In J-Link I use a ModelDescriptor instead of just the filename and it retrieves models from CS fine.
ProMdlRetrieve seems to just use the filename. Try a retrieve function using a ModelDescriptor and see if that helps you out.

Best Regards,
Bjarne Frandsen
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