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I bet I'm missing this, but is there a way to access the internal
properties Pro/E has set up? Such as ModelCheck file locations. You
can set this in the MC installation but if the location is non-readable
for some reason, then Pro/E defaults to a different location. My bet is
that it's just a %userpath%\mc..... style setup (hence nothing to
consistently grab), but I was wondering if anyone knew of a call similar
to but for the Pro/E app. I didn't see anything in
the userguide (but I could just be daft..........common error).


Brian Krieger

Peterbilt Motors


The best answer that I could think of would be ProConfigoptGet. If the
property you're after exists then you can get access to it with that API
call. Otherwise, I'm not aware of any API that retrieves "internal"

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