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Rant on new licensing web tool. Re. Locked Licenses


Rant on new licensing web tool. Re. Locked Licenses

Here’s my issue.

When I select more than one locked license to install on my server it will only transfer one locked license to the server. This image shows that I've selected 108 to transfer.

8-17-2017 2-14-40 PM.png

The confirmation window shows it's only going to transfer 1 license. I've done this three times, so now I have three of these in my license. I only have to do this 107 more times to get them all in the license.

8-17-2017 2-15-51 PM.png

On the main install license page there is this warning which I've hi-lited.

8-17-2017 2-14-59 PM.png

Whoever put this on the web page has a misunderstanding of how locked licenses work, and, this web tool has been configured to work under that false assumption.


If this affects you PLEASE open a case with PTC licensing so we can get this fixed. The old web tool didn't have this restriction.


License types
When you configure Creo Parametric licenses there are only two license types.
 * Startup Extensions, which PTC persists in calling “Locked” licenses.
 * Floating Options.


Here’s how these optional components work when configuring licenses in Creo Parametric,

  * Floating Options can be added to your Creo session after you start the software. The license is only used when you access it. 
  * Startup options on the other hand must be configured in the selected licenses sections of the Command Configuration window. These licenses are used as soon as you start Creo.
It’s a common misconception that you can’t float startup options between users. That’s NOT true. You just can’t add the startup option to a running session of Creo for which it wasn’t already selected. You would have to exit Creo and startup again using a different license configuration in order to access those options. So they CAN float between users, just not in a single session of Creo.


The sales guys persist in calling these locked licenses, and that leaves the impression in the customers mind that they are either locked to a user or to a computer. That's a totally false assumption.

Startup Extensions, which is the term used when setting up the license configuration, the more precise name for them if you ask me, are tied to a license configuration, not a user, or a machine.


I have the same ten different license configurations defined on every install of Creo. When the users starts Creo, they see this menu that lets them pick between the differnent license configurations. Components like the Complete Machining Set, I restrict to a specific group of users using the ptc.opt file. There is nothing special you have to do to get this menu other than create multiple license configurations, and in your startup script call parametric.exe, not one of the .bat files created when you create the additional license configurations.

8-17-2017 2-45-40 PM.png


I actually think PTC is shooting themselves in the foot by letting this misconception continue. Companies that understand this typically buy less of certain options and many, spend that savings on other optional features. The dollar amount of software purchased doesn’t typically go down, but the capabilities of the company go up because they can purchase more options.




from my point of view, new licensing web tool is worse than the old one. In case that tool functionality fails, I open Case at PTC Support and ask PTC License Department to do requested action manually.

Martin Hanák
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